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The way he likes to be seen                             The real James Trimm

The purpose of this page is to expose the truth about James Trimm (also known as James S. Trimm, James Scott Trimm,
falsely (he has no degree) called: Dr. James Trimm, Dr. James S. Trimm and Dr. James Scott Trimm. President of SANJ, the Society
for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism, and also the “Nasi” of the Nazarene Beit Din. James Trimm is guilty of lying, deceiving,
theft, plagiarism, false teaching, division etc...

The truth about this fellow came to us at Messianic Hall of Shame since the exposés on Lew White and ISR and is drawing
all those who make a profit on the Word of YHWH to come squirming out of the woodwork to support each other considering
their money-making enterprises are under threat!

Mr. Trimm has leaped to the defense of his fellow profiteers by making public 'rulings' under the awe inspiring
title of 'the Beit Din' to make his decision sound authoritative. This is the so called Bet Din that he created for
himself because he was removed from the original International Nazarene Beit Din in 2006
These rulings are simply uninformed, biased, empty, unscriptural words and as we have proven, Mr. Trimm has
not even been  into Lew White's headshop to witness the abominations he sells alongside his writings.
"It is my understanding that he only sells moodrings and clothes etc. but to my
knowledge no "demonic" idols or "demonic" statues or false god statues."
 - James Scott Trimm
As you can see from the photos of Lew Whites headshop, he indeed DOES sell demonic idols and graven images
of false gods so the ruling is a complete farce!

The 'Beit Din' also go so far as to state the following:

"The International Nazarene Beit Din has examined in depth the case which this
accuser(s) have brought against Lew White. We have also examined in depth Lew
White's defense. The International Nazarene Beit Din makes the following conclusions:

The Beit Din finds no Torah command anywhere,

On the charge of "PROMOTION OF IDOLS" the accuser(s) have cited only passages
against idolatry itself, not the promotion of idols. However the Beit Din will
acknowledge that Deut. 13 would also forbid the promotion of Torah transgression. The
accuser(s) however have failed to show that Lew White has promoted any act of

Not only is the ruling a farce, but James Trimm was actually REMOVED from the International
Nazarene Beit Din in 2006, and formed his own Beit Din! Read the pdf document below if you please:


Mr. Trimm is one of the most infamous Messianic 'teachers' and is known in many
circles as being a charlatan and nothing more than a carbon copy Christian televangelist.
Those who find themselves on his mailing lists find it near impossible to block the incessant
flood of messages begging for money...
Many legitimate ministries that rely on the donations of believers are brought into question
simply because James Trimm uses the belief as a means of gain. Here are just a sample from
the past year of the kind of scrounging solicitation Mr. Trimm employs:

Everybody else pays their water bills... Why should believers pay for other's living expenses when even
Sha'ul piad his own way as recorded in Scripture and there are so many believers in need of His word?

Now he wants believers to pay for his groceries as well?

And now the utility bills... Is it really a red alert?

Trimm must sit at home dreaming up ways to fleece the flock.

Another red alert, and they just keep coming...

The power?

Notice Mr. Trimm is about to have his power cut off...

It seems as though he managed to keep his power on... He makes reference to TV evangelists begging
for money, but wait and see what bleeding heart beggings he comes up with folks!

Electricity again...We truly wonder if it can possibly cost $4000 a month to run the ministry?

Claims that only $200 has come in but the meter reads $1,080...

The meter must be broken...

Must have found the money again and still keeps begging...

Now here's where it gets really serious!

EMERGENCY! The air conditioner packed up!

Oh, and now the mower doesn't go... Forget the fact that Home Depot sells them for under $150
brand new... He must think we're stupid. (maybe some are that gullible?)

                                 UPDATE 10th October 2012                                
Mr. Trimm is now apparently in danger of losing his house and has initiated a special
fundraising scam for this as well:

Is this the sort of thing we have come to expect from Messianic ministries? It's one thing
to donate now and again for ministries to help the needy (both spiritually and physically)
but surely not for paying their personal bills and lawnmowers... Surely not!

The most comprehensive site regarding the deceptions of Mr. Trimm:

Also read the following pdf from Moshe Shulman


We ask that after you have examined the facts, to direct as many believers as
you can to this site to expose this group of greedy profiteers.
If you have had any experience dealing with James Trimm that needs to be
added to this page, then please contact us.

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