The Many Masks of Lew White
The Final Chapter
Lew eye of Horus
       (No... this picture is not photoshopped!)
If you are new to the whole sorry saga of Lew White and wish to review all the evidence set forth so far  please start with part 1 and follow through to part 2 and part 3 if you wish to have a complete background from where this site commenced in late 2009.
Originally we called Lew White a misguided brother who had stumbled into sin and following Matthew 18 confronted him privately... After completely laughing us off and making excuses we publicly came forward with the evidences which are layed out in the above links.
After more than a year with MANY more believers having confronted Mr. White and with his continued flagrant abuse of position and disregard for Torah and other believers, we no longer consider him a brother. Although Lew has consistently accused us of "hate" (despite the Word informing it is LOVE to confront a brother in sin) and "slander" (even though ALL  evidence on this site is public record and from his own mouth) we again use Lew's own words and actions to prove this man cannot be considered a brother let alone a 'teacher' of Torah.
The following list are the FACTS brought forward in this final case before all believers as testimony against Mr. Lewis Arthur White:
(Please click on any FACT to read the full compliment of evidences)

Lew White owns and operates a 'headshop' 
selling drug paraphernalia, graven images of idols (Egyptian, Hindu, Wiccan etc.) 'lifestyle items', incense and rock music. The store is open on Sabbath employing workers and profits are used for the work of his ministry.
The 'Torah Institute' is for sale even though it is payed for by donations from believers and is rented out to anyone who has
the money including a 'School of  Rock' (of which Lew is a manager) and at one time a 'gaming bar' selling alcohol. The 'school' is also open on Sabbath!
Lew White is complicit with ISR in selling 'The Scriptures' and knew the vision of the translator Chris Koster was to never sell the Word. The Scriptures cost under $5 to print and are being sold for anything from $20 to $30 for massive profit.
Mr. White continues to claim that this expose is an "attack" based on "hatred" and "slander" and that he has not been confronted over his sin before this website was launched. His own website still claims he does not sell any "new age" or "wiccan" items despite photographic and video evidence.
We have received an alarming number of emails regarding a mysterious case of cancer that Lew was using as a means of extracting donations. We have only the mouths of these witnesses regarding this shocking story...
6.) MATTHEW 18?
Lew White continues to maintain he has not been given the Matthew 18 treatment in regard to his blatant sin despite the fact that it is now a year on and many more hundreds of people have confronted him to try and bring repentance.
On top of the claim above, Lew White claims that he has "never tried to hide" that he owns and operates a drug paraphernalia store, yet hundreds of believers testify that they would NEVER have supported him had they known his wicked dealings.

Rather than repeat all the proof shown throughout the other parts we will look at this latest video
that was posted on youtube in October 2011 featuring Lew White himself...
He is so proud of it he even had it up on his Electric Ladyland website. In his own words we quote:
"I may make some more videos of me playing with puppets..."

youtube     You Tube

"These evil men are no different than the wolves in Christianity. I confronted Lew White with a brother and he laughed us off. We went to his shop and watched Lew for a few hours and not once did he share Yahuwah’s truth. He looked like he was on drugs and acted in a strange way talking rubbish about rock bands and how he liked this band and that song. He was the only one in the shop and he was playing disgusting music. He explained it away and blamed others for lying and slandering him - yet it was all before his eyes and ours.  It was like he was in another world."

Does this video reflect the mature actions of an overseer described in Scripture let alone a 'Torah' teacher?

"An overseer, then, should be blameless, the husband of one wife, sober, sensible,
orderly, kind to strangers, able to teach,
 not given to wine, no brawler, but gentle,
 not quarrelsome, no lover of money..."

(1Timothy 3:2) 

Lew White appears in the video above wearing the 'Eye of Horus' an Egyptian
symbol of protection, royal power and good health
. The eye is personified in the goddess
 'Uadjet' and also known as the Eye of Ra...
The spiritual implications of this are obvious.
lew white's eye of horus
Lew White           on his pyramid           from wikipedia           on an artifact

Lew White's antics are embarrassing the entire Messianic community and this video has already
sparked comments on Christian sites... Many have stated the obvious that if this were some Christian
evangelist the Messianics would obviously condemn his works but because this is the 'great' Lew White
Messianics dumbed down by his teachings believe he can do no wrong!
Here are some questions from Christians:

Here is Lew White's response:                                  Here is a Christian's observation:

What a witness! This guy who shot the video is a friend of Lew's and rather than answer the question

goes on a rant about Messianic Hall of Shame being hateful! Is this the way Lew White witnesses to
people who come into the store? Then again, who would go into a wicked store like this for advice on
learning Torah? People go into Lew's store to buy drug paraphernalia, pagan idols and incense to offer
to them and Lew gladly takes their money aiding them in their sin.
Lew White even has the gall to say MHS is in "serious transgression" because we don't have a 'like' button
on the youtube videos despite his obvious sin!
If you have trouble understanding what a headshop stands for, please read this comment from
a Messianic believer who had past experience with this wickedness and repented:

This witness and other emails we have received make a point that was not apparent to us in that
glass pipes can only really be used for
cocaine or crystal meth and not 'harmless' tobacco or
marijuana due to tar build-up blockage.

meth glassware

Here is an evocative email from a fellow Messianic believer:
"I use to be a druggie until  someone shared with me about the true Names and Yahuwah's Laws. I was recommended to go to
 a meeting at 2303 Watterson Trail, Louisville, as I lived in Louisville KY. Before I became a believer I was a druggie and use to go
 to a shop called Electric Ladyland. I had been going to this shop for years to buy my pipes for smoking and other things. It is a
popular shop for addicts. I had been going to Electric Ladyland which is located on Bardstown Rd every Saturday for well over
15 years. This is the only day I could go each week. When I went to this Torah meeting I was very excited to be able to hear
someone that was going to share truth about Yahuwah. When this man came out and started speaking I was so shocked and felt ill
and left the meeting straight away. The reason why is that this man was a man that I got to know very well over the years and he
 was the one that sold me my pipes and incense every Saturday at Electric Ladyland. I could not believe that he was at the meeting
 talking about Yahuwah as he never in over 15 year spoke to me about Yahuwah and His Laws. I have spoken on many topics with
 this man mostly on Jimi Hendrix and ways to cheat the Police on drug testing. He was very knowledgeable on heavy metal and hard
 rock music and I use to enjoy our chats. I end up going back to my Christian Church and spoke to the Pastor there about this
situation as I was so scared and he said that the Torah building and Lew White was the biggest laughing stock of Louisville among
the Christians, not because of his beliefs but because of his shop and his two faced life. I continued to stay at the Church for a while
 until a couple came along and shared that Lew White was a false prophet and had been fleecing believers for over 20 years and a
 number of believers including themselves have confronted Lew White on this issue over 20 years. Beware please have nothing to do
 with this wicked man. The drug scene is wicked and there is no truth in it and those promoting drugs are demonic. I know as I use to be a part of it . AT NO TIME DID LEW WHITE EVER IN 15 YEARS SHARE ANY KIND OF TRUTH WITH ME. NEVER."
K.F. Louisville KY, USA.

This email was so shocking that we contacted this lady by phone to confirm the above and she
revealed even more shocking truths about Lew White and gave two other witnesses in regard to
a similar testimony.

"After viewing this information I personally went to the headshop and talked to Lew. He is smooth!! I talked to one of my sons, who used to use drugs (sadly), asked if he knew of the place and said , "oh yeah, I used to buy things, drug related things, there. Another son, told me about the octagon building on the hill that was a bar when he used to work in that area, he remembers it being built, so yes I verified all the accusations, and they are true."

Again, all the evidence is put forth in earlier parts that Lew is attempting to sell the very building paid for
 with donations from the Messianic community worldwide. As proved, he has opened the doors for any and
all business to operate in the building selling whatever they choose and operating on the Sabbath.
Lew White denies NONE of this and has made no excuse other than the "School of Rock is a fine
up-scale music school."
Obviously the money taken from rental including operation on Sabbath are not turned away.

We made mention in part three that turning this building into a 'Torah Institute' was an AFTERTHOUGHT
and Lew actually admits this in one of his most recent biography videos on youtube including
other statements such as out-of-body experiences which led him to his belief.

Open on Sabbath

This website proves that Mr. White is actually a member of the 'School of Rock' that
operates on the Sabbath:

Lew Rocks

We have received a large amount of emails since this site was stated regarding Lew White
working on the Sabbath. Many of the witnesses made mention of attempts to visit Lew White
or meet with him at the Torah building for Sabbath or fellowship and every single request
was replied with a NO. Not one person has been granted to meet with Lew on the Sabbath
which leads us to believe all the information that has been given to us has been true, although
Sundays appear to be accessible. The School of Rock as mentioned is open on Sabbath playing
loud rock music and bringing in money which is in Lew's total control and there are no partners

with the Torah Building. One witness records:
"A few months ago on one of Lew's Torah Talks Mark Davidson mentioned
Messianic Hall of Shame and Lew said he would be glad to have someone come
with a video camera and follow him around all day. Shortly after that I talked
 with Phyllis on the phone and mentioned that I would like to come and do
 that because I had a lot of things to discuss with Lew. She said that would
not be a good idea because he is so busy that the only time I could talk with
Lew is after his monthly seminar at the Torah Institute building on Sunday.
He obviously says things like that on his Torah Talk shows to convince
people that he is innocent."

We have much more information in regard to Lew working on the
 Sabbath and his involvement with drugs but are gathering further witnesses.

In his own response, Lew admits that he had conversations with Dr. Koster and was aware of the commitment
not to sell 'The Scriptures' yet gladly accepted the appointment of ISR for the US. and joined in complicity
to sell the Word for profit... Not just a small profit, but up to 200%.
In his own words Lew convicts himself

"Personally, I'm not a fan of "copyrighting" Yahuah's Word; but, ISR did so, and that's someone else's call. 
According to the definition of plagarism, all translations of Scripture are illegitimately copyrighted. I consider 
the "board" of ISR entitled to make decisions, and I make recommendations; whatever is decided, I comply with."

Lew says he is "not a fan of copyrighting" etc. yet it is all "someone else's call."
This sound EXACTLY like the reasoning used by the SS guards that threw YHWH's
people into the gas chambers during WWII blaming the orders on someone else!

gas chambers

Lew White claims he does this purely because of his love for the Master, yet often charges over twice the actual
cost of postage for items. This is NOT
 a service to His people and truly, he has received his reward in full.


Why is it that you feel compelled to donate money to a man who SELLS
 products - from Scriptures to cups and hats and tsit tyot all for a PROFIT?
Surely he is making enough money from all these sales including the
profits from his headshop that you can see he does not need DONATIONS?
The FACT is that the two most recent print runs of Fossilized Customs has
been paid for IN FULL by donations, so ALL sales of this book are
turning a PROFIT!

You see Lew is making the following profits on EVERY copy of his book sold:
Not only is he making profits of his book, but you will notice the postage he is charging
to his own State of Kentucky is $6.05 when UPS only charges under $3 nationally.
Check for yourself on


It is the same price to post 'The Scriptures' yet Lew is charging $9.92 to send these:
Lew Scriptures
One may say he deserves to charge money to wrap the item, but
does it cost $7 for some paper and a box?

By Lew's own admission he has sold 135,000 copies of Fossilized Customs.
If an average cost is $10 per copy then the profits are close to $1.3 million dollars!
By charging DOUBLE for postage, then has possibly made over $400,000
just for Fossilized Customs... That does not include the hundreds of thousands
of dollars in donations nor all the other books, t-shirts, cups, stickers and posters
 etc. that Lew peddles.

Lew's home

Mr. White continues to claim that this exposé is an "attack" based on "hatred" and "slander" and
that he has not been confronted over his sin before this website was launched. His own website still
claims he does not sell any "new age" or "wiccan" items despite photographic and video evidence.

Firstly, as anyone who knows their Scriptures will confirm, it is LOVE to confront a brother
who is in sin:
Brothers, if anyone among you goes astray from the truth, and someone
turns him back, let him know that he who turns a sinner from the straying
of his way shall save a life from death and cover a great number of sins.”
Ya'aqob 5:19

Lew White claims that this website is "hateful" yet we received this email from Mark
Davidson who does indeed work very close with Lew... We'll let you decide if this reaction is
one of self examination in light of truth, or knee-jerk anger... We almost detect a hint of
threat in the final paragraph of this email:

Lew and Mark response

Lew distorts this truth and originally falsely claimed that this site was spawned from
a disagreement on doctrine and also out of a spirit of competition.
There is not one point of doctrinal disagreement raised on this site and we have nothing to gain
 from this 
exposé and have actually received a number of criticism from Lew's followers.
The only doctrinal statements we have made regarding Lew's actions are direct Torah
conflicts and again expose his blatant lie that there are no new age items in his store.

Buddhist Bells
In the image above on the left you will notice the Buddhist Bells hanging from the ceiling... Lew even makes a big deal about bells and their association with Ba'al worship in his own book!
Lew gave no excuse for this new age idol in his store other than that Buddha was a historical figure and it was not his fault whether people chose to worship him as a deity or not... Please take notice of the incense offered to the idol in his store.

If you missed PART 3 with over 20 images of new age idols and items for sale in Lew White's store,
 then please go back and review them for yourself so as to prove we are not being false witnesses.

We have received an alarming number of emails regarding a mysterious return of cancer that Lew
was using as a means of extracting donations. Apparently Lew sent out a number of emails to supporters
begging for donations to cover medical costs of his wife's cancer treatment yet when some contacted Phyllis
to give their condolences found she was fine!
We have only the mouths of these witnesses regarding this shocking story...
"Thank you. Being very new to understanding 'truth' I confronted Lew White and PALOMA who uses his newsletter to promote NEEM products which have the Hebrew creators name imprinted on them. I wrote a rather confronting email since I'm not very tactful yet, to the both of them. My concern was a man who we were sharing with was shocked at PALOMA's photo in the BESORAH. He was floored and we were when we actually looked at it. PAM wrote be back a scathing email bragging about having spent $720,000 in publishing and totally ignored my point which was her and Lew shaking the faith of a "little one" - our friend. More scathing emails came from PALOMA. My wife recalled some phone calls from Pam where she was constantly bragging about their agriculture farms, their houses, their money, their servants/staff and on and on.
Originally I had called Lew to see if I could visit and he said 'NO'. I then asked why he had his Photo on everything and he sent an email saying he 'should' get acknowledgement then... we got a begging letter using his wife's CANCER as a reason for begging for money. I am a cancer survivor from stage 4 pancreatic cancer using natural methods but Lew's letter said Phylis needed expensive Chemotherapy... it meant her life! My wife called Phyllis and she knew nothing about it and her cancer was arrested and she'd been using natural protocols for years. She said she was just fine. Hey... it goes on and on so something is wrong here.
Copies of our emails are available should you like."

"Thank you for being diligent and doing all this research we would never have known about this without your help. We were asked to send in a donation for Phyllis White’s cancer treatment last year. We prayed about it and felt that something was not quite right. When we checked the information we found it to be false we were shocked and have not supported Lew or Phyllis White since.
We are praying for you and your work."

"A number of believers in our fellowship received an email requesting donations towards Mrs. White’s cancer treatment in 2011.
My husband contacted Mrs. White as did a number of others in our fellowship. We asked Mrs. White how she was and that we were sorry to hear about her Cancer coming back. She stated that her Cancer had not come back and was unsure where we received this information. When we explained to her that we received an email from her husband Lew White asking for donations towards her Cancer treatment she went very quiet and said she had to go. We now find out that there is many that have been deceived by Lew asking for donations for Mrs. White’s Cancer treatment. Feel free to print my name."

 J & R Johnson

Many people keep questioning whether Lew has been give due diligence in regard to Matthew 18 even
a year after this site has been up and hundreds more have confronted him in his wickedness! Please
people! We and others have been confronting him for YEARS before this was made public...
If you do not believe us then read the following witnesses:

at least 14 years ago...
"Thank you to your team for putting this site together. My husband and I confronted Lew White as we were aware of his shop. It was bought to our attention in 96/97. We checked the shop out as we did not want to be false witnesses. We took the time to check the shop out and we are being honest when we state that this shop is evil. A demonic presence was in the shop which made us ill. My husband confronted Lew and all he could say was it is my job and I have been in the business for years and it is hard to walk away from something you enjoy. We both were floored and there was no debating with Lew as he had an answer for everything but there was no Scriptural answer he could give. We both felt he was not a believer and he had only written the FC book for money. There was no means for us to warn Yahwheh's people on a large scale so we praise Yahweh for you and your ministry."
I & P Scott USA

Over 15 years ago...
"Shalom true brothers and sisters who are fighting the good fight. A number in our group have spent a number of years confronting Lew White over the ownership of his Head Shop.  A number of us visited the shop starting in the 1990's and kept an eye on the shop over the years to see if there was any changes to date, there has been no changes. We believe that Lew White is not a brother and never has been. We believe he is just another writer of a book that is confusing and he is no different than the Benny Hinn's of this world. Those that are walking in truth will see Lew White as a wolf and will flee from him. Those that cannot see the truth are blinded by Yahuweh and there is nothing we can do.  We the truth seekers and walkers need to protect the flock and warn the people as you have with this site."
Elder Tim USA.

"Yes emailed Lew, Yes rang Lew, Yes visited his shop a number of times. Yes spent hours,days and months with Lew... You guessed it.. NO CHANGE. Lew does not want to change. Lew is not interested in change. He loves money and wickedness more than Yahuah end of story. We have all been warned and need to stop following and giving this wicked man."

"Dear brothers and sisters, Blessings in Yeshua's name. I congratulate you for your discernment that it is wrong to market the Word, and also to mix or associate the Word with drug paraphernalia and sex toys. I agree that these are not the right things for brothers and sisters in Messiah to be doing (let alone leaders and teachers in Messiah). YHWH is not mocked. He will call all of those who are doing these things into judgment. I have spoken both with Lew and with Wilhelm Wolfaardt in the past regarding these matters, and they are very aware of my disagreements with their actions (and in fact I could add a few things)..."

"It is about time that this happened. Do not expect repentance - only YaHuWaH can cause that to happen.
I have had two email confrontations with him Lew (Laban) White does not repent - and is not going to - for as I told him "your sins will not allow you to turn" ... he wants a "following" - and he will have it at any price. Once he "publishes" whatever - it is cast in concrete. Expect NO change. YaHuWaH will take care of all of this in His good time .... your site is one method, it seems."


As you have seen from these many witnesses (and these are just a small sampling) Lew has been
approached in love and in rebuke MANY, MANY TIMES by believers both in person and by
On the contrary he offers up nothing but excuses and finger pointing.

On top of the claim above, Lew White claims that he has "never tried to hide" that he owns and
operates a drug paraphernalia store, yet hundreds of believers testify that they would NEVER have
supported him had they known his wicked dealings.

"My husband and I had to repent for supporting these men and their life styles. We have gone without to donate to Lew White and yet he lives in comfort while my family went without to support him. We feel mislead and cheated. My husband took the time to visit the Shop as many are attacking you the messenger and accusing your site of lies. My husband said the Shop is far worse than what is shown on your site. He could not stay in there long as he felt ill and the Ruah would not allow him stay in there."
B & E Williams.

"I am shocked beyond words. There is no words to describe how I feel over this situation. That a person would call themselves a brother and yet has shaken hands with the devil. Those that I have spoken with are just as shocked and we feel cheated. We were never given the choice from Lew White and if we had known we would not have donated to his work. I know I will be accountable for the donations I have given him to further his wickedness. I know I will stand in judgment for this. Lew will stand in heavier judgment for lying and deceiving His people. If he is not ashamed of his wicked shop then he should put it on his site and not his candy coated pictures so we can choose to support him or not. He will not repent and he is not a brother.
He is wicked and has lead more people to sin than truth."
G. Jackson, UK.

"I am in total shock!!! I have been researching and studying Scripture for the past ten years.  I feel like I was lied to and I feel like I have mislead people to veiw this mans website. Im not going to pass judgement on Lew but wrong is wrong, end of story! Please feel free to post this on your site so that Lew himself can see how damaging his actions are to people who may not know him personally."

"i have spent near 400$ on fossilized custom books to hand out to people and i am just SICK that lew would steal and sell for profit. i kept telling my husband it didnt add up that HE was able to write this. now, i know why..."

Warning to Yahuwah’s people if anyone tells you this is slander and lies do not believe them as they are liars and are blind. I have won a number of cases in my life with MUCH less evidence than what is on this site. Stop being lazy and taking Lew Whites word. Read this site. White & Wolfaardt are well aware of me. There are a large number of Brothers & Sisters who have donated hundred’s of thousands of dollars to these men and are not pleased and are looking at ways to get their donations back as they have been mislead and lied to. Had they known of these men’s ways they would never had donated. If these men are not ashamed and feel they have nothing to hide then they need to put all their dealings on their main site and give believers a choice. Open the books and be honest as judgment is coming to you from Yahuwah. He has exposed you all."
Albert (print my name)

This is only a tiny sample of the hundreds of believers who had absolutely no idea
of Lew White's dealings behind his façade of being a Torah teacher and many are
convinced that his book 'Fossilized Customs' was pasted together from various
sources and sold plain and simply for profit.


There is a very supportive sister in Messiah who has gone out on a limb to back up
the information on this site and her Facebook pages are loaded with many, many
messages of shock that Lew would actually run a store like he does among all
the other matters presented here and many echo that they would never have supported
him had they know his nefarious dealings.

To comment or read other's comments on the Facebook mentioned use the following link:!/note.php?note_id=10150245695341529

these are the Torah transgressions Lew White is guilty of:

Exo 18:21; Lev 25:35; Eze 18:4-13; Eze 22:12-16; Joh 2:14-16

Exo 20:8-10; Deut 5:12-14

Idols: Exo 20:4-6; Deut 4:23-25; Deut 7:26; 1 John 5:21
 Incense and Pharmakeia: Exo 30:9; Num 16:35,40; Gal 5:19-20; Rev 9:21, Rev 21:8; Rev 22:15
Rock Music: No direct Torah Command against it, but many Scriptures
collectively condemn everything rock music involves.

Deut 23:18; Mal 2:17; 2Co 6:14; Jam 3:11


 Because the eyes of יהוה are on the righteous, and his ears are open
to their prayers, but the face of יהוה is against those who do evil.”
(1 Peter 3:12)

Again we ask that after you have examined the facts, to direct as many
believers as
you can to this site to expose this charlatan.
Email and link this site from your Yahspace, Facebook and other
social networks, forums and guestbooks to warn fellow believers.
If you have had any experience dealing with ISR that needs to be

added to this page, then please contact us.

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