Electric Ladyland
The 'Headshop' owned and operated by
White of Fossilized Customs
and Torahzone / Torah Institute.
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Lew NO MASK? Do we really know who Lew White really is?
What is he really involved in?
How many pies does he have his finger in?

Lew white claims to have NO MASK... Is this true? Is he revealing all of his dealings in and out of his ministry?
Firstly, if YOU had known that 50% of moneys used to fund his ministry was gleaned from selling rock music, drug paraphernalia and FALSE GODS would you have ever supported him by purchasing his material let alone attending one of his Torah seminars?

Lew White not only continues to make excuses for his sin, but in his pathetic response to the proof on this site
he has used smokescreens to distract and attempts to shift the blame and point the finger back at those of us
who have Scripturally come together (over 100 people now) to expose the wicked works of darkness to bring repentance.

Please ignore the 'red herrings' claiming this is fueled by jealosy, lunar Sabbath issues, hatred or even the
physical location of some of the members of this group. Review the facts exposed from the legal documents,
eye witnesses, correlating websites and Lew's OWN MOUTH and you can only come to one conclusion.

To date (20 years of warning now) there has been NO REPENTANCE from Lew White and the team has found
 his response  riddled with lies and deception! Lew White posted some vague photographs revealing some of the content
 being sold by him in his Louisville headshop... What you will find below is the shocking truth... That Lew White is guilty
of promoting worship of false gods including Ancient Egyptian, Celtic and Indian gods and demonic beings!
Here's the 'innocent' pictures Lew posted

These images in NO WAY portary the dark, evil spirit that pervades this shop...

Once you see the REAL images for yourself, you will be asking

In Lew's response to specific questions put to him, he responded to this question:
3) Is there New Age items being sold at Electric Ladyland Inc as well as is it a head shop, and if so, why?

"If popular "mood rings" are new age, then perhaps we may have something "new-age", because they are in the store.
We also have a lot of lifestyle jewelry that appeals to the younger set. There are no "horoscope" symbols however.
 Mostly, the store stocks music CD's (Rock, Jazz, R&B, Classical, soundtracks), Movies on DVD & VHS (no porn,
just popular movies!), cassette tapes, musical artists and special interest posters (such as Albert Einstein, guitar chord charts),
 buttons (musical artists), incense & incense burners, lighters, classic and contempory pipes (smoking), rolling papers &
rolling machines, disco balls & lights, musical artist T-shirts, bajas, hats, blacklights, window stickers
(mostly musical artists), general gift items, scented candles, and so on..."

Lew makes it sound as though he owns simply a 'record shop when in fact the occult imagery, idols
and plethora of drug parephernalia FAR outweigh the stock of music.


"We have no new-age, porn, wiccan, or naked women pictured..."

As you will witness from the following pictures taken inside Lew White's store, you will
 understand that this response to a direct question and his statement is a BOLD-FACED LIE!

A true believer walking in the Spirit of YHWH could in NO WAY work in the proximity
of the following idols let alone erect them in their OWN BUILDING with the knowledge
that they are an ABOMINATION to Him and a true believer would be grieved in their
spirit with these false mighty ones in their presence...

Before you cast judgement on either side, GO TO THE STORE YOURSELF and STOP
(See the responses of those who defend Lew White at the bottom)

But outside are the dogs and those who enchant with drugs, and those who whore, 
and the murderers, and the idolaters, and all who love and do falsehood.”
(Revelation 22:15)

There still exists some confusion among believers as to why this group of believers who operate
this site have chosen this format and continue to pursue this issue with such fervor...
The fact is, these false gods, graven images and idols are NOT NEW to the store.
 Lew White has been selling all the abominations documented on this site for OVER 30 YEARS
and since he has been claiming to be a Messianic believer, true believers have been confronting
 him for close to 20 YEARS!
Over these 20 years he continues to LAUGH OFF the rebukes and point the finger back
in the face of those who attempt to bring these issues to light; EXACTLY the same
reaction we all have received and the response you can read on his own site.
The only confusion that exists is that which Lew White is trying to muddy the picture.
Lew White even admits:
"True, if one of us falls away from the belief or personally lives in open sin, we have to appeal
to the person several times privately, and if there is no repentance sufficient to achieve
restoration to the body, the disease must be cut-out of it."

Lew White is evading the appeals and many believers in YHWH simply cannot
believe that one who proclaims truth could be involved in this evil. 

"Cursed is the man who makes a carved or moulded image, an abomination to YHWH,
 the work of the hands of the craftsman, and puts it up in secret.’ And all the people
shall answer and say, 'Amĕn!' "
(Deuteronomy 27:15)



(all god info quoted from wikipedia)
This is but a small sample of the Egyptian gods and goddesses Lew White has for sale! There is a whole cabinet
full to bursting with Egyptian idols that we cannot name nor wish to, but along with the sacrificial dagger,
here is a sample of some of the deities we were able to identify...
In the image above:
"ATUM... was considered to be the first god, having created himself, sitting on a mound (benben) (or identified with
the mound itself),  from the primordial waters (Nu)...
He was also a solar deity, associated with the primary sun god Ra."
"SPHINX... The inclusion of these figures in tomb and temple complexes quickly became traditional and many pharaohs
 had their heads carved atop the guardian statues for their tombs to show their close relationship with the
powerful solar deity,
Sekhmet, a lioness.
"APEP - was an evil god, the deification of darkness and chaosAs the personification of all that was evil,
Apep was seen as a giant snake/serpent, crocodile, or occasionally as a dragon in later years, leading to such
titles as Serpent from the Nile and Evil Lizard." -
"But this is what you do to them: Break down their altars, and smash their pillars,
and cut down their Ashĕrim, and
burn their carved images with fire.
you are qodesh people to YHWH your Elohim. YHWH your Elohim has
chosen you to be a people for Himself,
a treasured possession
above all the peoples on the face of the earth."

(Deuteronomy 7:5-6)
In the image above you see the GIANT Pyramid in the cabinet full of Egyptian idols.
The pyramid itself is a symbol of worship by many and a popular occultic symbol
with the one in Lew's shop bearing the 'Eye of Horus' on all sides and includes a number
of graven images of the most recognizable falcon headed deity:
"Horus is one of the oldest and most significant deities in the Ancient Egyptian religion, who was worshipped
 from at least the late Predynastic period through to Greco-Roman times...

The earliest recorded form is Horus the Falcon who was the patron deity of Nekhen in Upper Egypt and who is the
 first known national god...
Horus served many functions in the Egyptian pantheon, most notably being the
god of the Sky, god of War and god of Protection." -
Isis is the most well known Egyptian goddess linked to Ishtar of whom the
pagan festival Easter is celebrated

"ISIS... was a goddess in Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, whose worship spread throughout the Greco-Roman world.
She was worshiped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the matron of nature and magic...
Isis is the goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility.
.. Isis is also known as protector of the dead
and goddess of children from whom all beginnings arose...
The worship of Isis eventually spread throughout the Greco-Roman world, continuing until
the suppression of paganism in the Christian era."
- wikipedia
Anubis... is the Greek name for a jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology... 
The oldest known mention of Anubis is in the Old Kingdom pyramid texts, where he is associated with the burial of the Pharaoh.
At this time, Anubis was the most important god of the Dead but he was replaced during the Middle Kingdom by Osiris. - wikipedia

buddha and incense
One of the most easily recognized false god worshiped even today by MILLIONS.
This enormous life-sized idol and the insence offered is possibly the most shocking thing you could
ever imagine a so-called 'believer' erecting in their building considering YHWH's dire warning:
"And do not bring an abomination into your house, lest you be accursed like it.
Utterly loathe it and utterly hate it, for it is accursed."
(Deuteronomy 7:26)

"Buddhism is a religion and philosophy encompassing a variety of traditions, beliefs and practices, largely based
on teachings attributed to Siddhartha Gautama, commonly known as the Buddha (Pāli/Sanskrit "the awakened one").
The Buddha lived and taught in the northeastern Indian subcontinent some time between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE.
He is recognized by Buddhists as an awakened or enlightened teacher who shared his insights to help sentient beings
end suffering (or dukkha), achieve nirvana, and escape what is seen as a cycle of suffering and rebirth." - wikipedia

One really needs to ask that since the Levitical priesthood were the only ones directed to
burn incense in Scripture to YHWH alone, if we should even burn these strange incenses
made by pagans to offer to their gods. Scripture commands not to try to make
any incense that is for YHWH alone:
"And the incense which you make, do not make any for yourselves, according to
its composition, it is qodesh to you for YHWH. Whoever makes any like it,
 to smell it, he shall be cut off from his people."
 (Exodus 30:37-38)

Burning incense in any other place other than the Temple of YHWH was accursed:
"And he slaughtered and burned incense on the high places, and on the hills,
and under every green tree."
 (2 Kings 16:4)
"And you shall know that I am YHWH, when their slain are among their idols
all around their altars, on every high hill, on all the mountaintops, under every
 green tree, and under every thick oak, wherever they offered sweet incense
 to all their idols."
 (Ezekiel 6:13)
In the image above, we find a graven image of the supreme Indian deity lord Shiva...
"Shiva is a major Hindu deity, and the Destroyer or transformer among the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity of the
primary aspects of the divine. In the Shaiva tradition of Hinduism, Shiva is seen as the Supreme God...
In images, he is represented as a handsome young man immersed in deep meditation or dancing the Tandava upon
Apasmara Purusha, the demon of ignorance in his manifestation of Nataraja, the lord of the dance."
- wikipedia
"For in that day, let each man reject his idols of silver and his idols of gold,
which your own hands have
made for yourselves, as a sin."
(Isaiah 31:7)

tree idols

There is a plethora of images of 'personified' trees throughout the shop including the one
at the top right denoted as a 'LUCK TREE!' It is common knowledge among belivers that
the name 'Gad' 'Gott' or 'God' are derived from the 'god of luck'.
"Tree worship (dendrolatry) refers to the tendency of many societies throughout history to worship or otherwise mythologize trees.
Trees have played an important role in many of the world's mythologies and religions, and have been given deep and sacred meanings
throughout the ages... Historical Druidism as well as Germanic paganism appear to have involved cultic practice in sacred groves,
especially the oak. The term druid itself possibly derives from the Celtic word for oak." - wikipedia

"They slaughter on the mountaintops, and burn incense on the hills, under oak
poplars and terebinth, because its shade is good. Therefore your daughters
commit whoring, and your brides commit adultery."
 (Hosea 4:13)
"Acknowledge your wickedness, because you have transgressed against YHWH
your Elohim, and have scattered your ways to strangers
under every green tree,
 and you have
not obeyed My voice,’ declares YHWH."
 (Ezekiel 3:13)
See also: Deut 12:2, 1Ki 14:23, 2Ki 16:4, Isa 57:5, Jer 2:20, Eze 6:13 etc...

The images of demonic entities and skulls abound in Lew's evil store. Notice the
'PEACE SYMBOL' behind this winged demon surrounded by candlabra...
Some may not be aware, but the peace symbol is an occultic symbol and candles
 are used extensively in occultic and Satanic

"Gargoyles were viewed in two ways by the church throughout history. Often gargoyles were used to assist
the Church in conveying messages to the common people. Since literacy was uncommon, images were the
best way to constantly convey ideas. Gargoyles were used as a representation of evil.
It is thought that they were used to scare people into coming to church, reminding them that the end of days is near.
It is also thought that their presence assured congregants that evil is kept outside of the church’s walls.
Some medieval clergy viewed gargoyles as a form of idolatry." - wikipedia
"They slaughtered to demons – not Eloah - Mighty ones they did not know,
New ones who came lately, Which your fathers did not reverence."
(Deuteronomy 32:17)
Hanging in a prominent position above posters of musical 'rock-gods'
are found this selection of voodo masks worn for centuries and even
today in voodoo and shamanistic ceremonies.

"In most traditional African cultures, the person who wears a ritual mask 
conceptually loses his or her identity and "becomes" the spirit 
represented by the mask itself...
The mask wearer thus becomes a sort of medium that allows for a dialogue
between the community and the spirits (usually those of the dead or 
nature-related spirits)." - wikipedia

While it is well known that Catholics around the globe venerate and worship Mary,
this idol really does repulse us... This demonic representation of Miriyam, the mother
of the Messiah with peeled off skin and saw blade for a halo is truly evil!
There is no other way to describe it.
"And the messenger, coming to her, said, “Greetings, favoured one,
the Master is with you. 
Blessed are you among women!"
 (Luke 1:28)
pentagram PENTAGRAMS
Among the many occultic images within the store, surely the pentagram is the most recognizable
symbols in Wicca (witchcraft) and inverted in Satanism, yet remember Lew claims:
"We have no new-age, porn, wiccan, or naked women pictured..."
Wikipedia reveals this about the pentagram in Wicca:

"Various different symbols are used by Wiccans, similar to the use of the crucifix by Christians or the Star of David by Jews. The most notable of these is the pentagram, which has five points, each representing one of the five classical elements in Wicca...
The five elements are symbolised by the five points of the pentagram, the most prominently used symbol of Wicca." - wikipedia
There are quite a number of alien images and imagery. It is a well known fact amongst
believers that aliens are demonic entities manifesting on earth and
although Lew White even
attests to this in some of his books and writings, he obviously feels no conflict in
selling the images of these demonic beings to people who actually believe in them
to encourage their deception!
sacrificial daggers
There is another complete cabinet devoted to swords, knives and sacrificial daggers.
Although there is nothing inherently evil about knives, but ornate sacrificial daggers
molded with demonic images originally only served one purpose... SACRIFICE!
The Scriptures are replete with warnings about sacrificing to false gods:
 "And let them no longer slaughter their slaughterings to demons, after whom they whored. 
This is a Law forever for them throughout their generations."

(Leviticus 17:7)
false christs FALSE MESSIAH'S
There seems to be a number of images of false messiah's or New Age leaders
scattered arond the place. These two reveal Gandhi who is considered by many
to be a New Age figurehead and what appears to be the Maitreya also seen by
many to be the fulfilment of a Messiah and worshiped as such.

Skulls in abundance and images of death everywhere... Everywhere you turn in this place
you see death and darkness! Where is the life and light in this shop?
Demonic chess set and satanic figurines, aliens by the dozen,
what would a believer want with a 'secret compartment container'?
Must be something to do with the drugs...
Lew White has an ENORMOUS collection of bongs for sale and the images above are just a few.
Bongs really only have one use and everyone knows it...
Bongs are used for smoking illegal drugs
"In the United States, under the Federal Drug Paraphernalia Statute, which is part of the Controlled Substances Act,
it is illegal to sell, transport through the mail, transport across state lines, import, or export drug paraphernalia.
In countries where marijuana and hashish are illegal, some retailers specify that bongs are intended for use with tobacco 
in an attempt to circumvent laws against selling drug paraphernalia. While technically 'bong' does not mean a device used 
for smoking mainly marijuana, drug-related connotations have been formed with the word itself
(partly due to punning with Sanskrit bhangah "hemp").
" - wikipedia

dvd's              movie clips
We weren't going to filter through all the filthy and horrific dvd's and 
movies in Lew's shop but here's just one shot of displayed movies he sells 
and a sample of what these movies are about...

R E M E M B E R   L E W   W H I T E' S   L I E :

"We have no new-age, porn, wiccan, or naked women pictured..."

If that dvd above called 'Striptease' isn't a naked woman then we must have
misunderstood what a naked woman is! And striptease and the images we found when
typed into google revealed a lot of pornographic images... Speaking of pornographic images:

This erotic image hangs prominently in the store and we have nothing but disgust
 for  someone promoting 'Playboy' - the largest distributor of pornography in the world
who have degraded thousands of women assisted many men on the road to destruction!

golden calf
That's right! Need we say more? The golden calf has always been a sign of rebellion
against YHWH's Commands and against His mighty hand that led them out of Egypt
and the abominations that they practiced.
The time has come to separate ourselves from these abominations and those
who condone them. Just as Mosheh separated the people by those who would
follow YHWH and those who would follow their own devices, so the time is
NOW before YHWH comes to destroy all the wicked and those who stand with them
 “Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amĕn.”
(1 John 5:21)

The graven images and idols and other abominable symbology are seriously too
numerous to detail, but above are but a tiny representation of some of the
demonic and evil imagery contained in the store that Lew White proclaims
is owned by Yahusha!


The Messiah of Yisra'el would have nothing to do with these abominations
and would by no means break the Torah as He lived a sinless life.
There would be something He would be breaking though...!
But this is what you do to them: Break down their altars, and smash their pillars,
 and cut down their Ashĕrim, and burn their carved images with fire.”
(Deuteronomy 7:5)

Lew uses this reasoning:
"Would Yahusha leave any stone unturned to seek and save the lost? If there were a “drug-culture”
where people needed to be hunted, could it be done without the hunter becoming “like” those he is hunting,
in order that some might be saved?"

"Become a hunter, using whatever hunting tools you have been given."

These illogical not to mention unscriptural comments are a rude slap in the face to all of us believers
who have forsaken our past evils and worldly possessions to follow the Torah of YHWH!
One does NOT become like them in order to save the wicked!
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,
so that you prove what is that good and well-pleasing and perfect desire of Elohim.”
(Romans 12:2)

When the Messiah came face to face with a woman caught in the act of adultery, did he tell her to continue
in her sin as long as she witnessed to all those she was whoring with?
"...And יהושע said to her, “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.
(John 8:11)

Lew is selling all these abominations to use for his ministry works which is
completely opposed to the Torah Command. Whoring is figurativly used
throughout Scripture as idolatry:
Do not bring the gift of a whore or the pay of a dog to the House of YHWH
your Elohim for any vowed offering, for both of these are 
an abomination to YHWH your Elohim.”
(Deuteronomy 23:18)

Lew even twists the Scripture beyond all distortion claiming that his unlawful yoke with
an unbeliever is likened to a marriage and his partner is pleased to remain:
"As in a marriage, the one partner who believes is not to abandon the unbeliever, because
if the unbeliever is willing to remain, the believer is to also accept them (1 Co 7).
Bob, my old friend since childhood, may one day give his life to Yahusha, and he has
no ill feelings toward what I teach and believe, he is simply not interested in following Torah."

Of course Bob isn't interested! He can see the hypocrisy of claiming to follow Torah
yet selling abominations and having your staff work the Sabbath while pocketing
the money!

Using the example Lew has given implies that since Bob Nord is willing to follow
Lew White in his business that LEW WHITE IS THE HEAD OF THE BUSINESS!
The only other option is that Lew is willing to follow Bob which is NOT
what this Scripture is teaching. It is the complete opposite.

Lew makes a big deal about being LEGALLY BOUND to his contract with
Bob Nord and how it would be dishonest to walk away...
Lew also makes a big deal about the abominations he sells being legal
for sale in the US... In many countries, prostitution is legal so does this
mean if Lew owned a brothel, he can continue to run it because in the eyes
of the world, it's legal...

WHAT ABOUT YHWH's LAW? Isn't that more important than man's?
Lew is waiting to SELL HIS SHARE, but I'm sure Bob would be pleased
to simply take it off his hands for nothing, because that's what it's worth
in the eyes of YHWH!

In Scripture we read of those who practised evil and they all came together
And many who had believed came confessing and declaring their deeds.
And many of those who had practised magic brought their books together,
burning them before all. And they reckoned up the value of them, 
and found it to be fifty thousand pieces of silver.”
(Act 19:18-19)
When we repent of evil, we do not pass them on to someone else to continue that evil!
Even if one were bound to fulfil his debts, does that give us the right to continue in sin?
Example scenario:
 I own a whorehouse... My partner and I go into debt together and book up our girls
 for the next six months with 'clients'...
I become a believer and renounce my adulterous behaviour... Does that mean I still
have to remain in business to service all my 'clients' for the next six months!?
If one REALLY trusts YHWH, they would walk away regardless of consequence
and put their trust in YHWH to provide for whatever mission He has.
The Messiah said:
And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it 
away from you. For it is better for you that one of your members perish, 
than for your entire body to be thrown into Gehenna.”
(Matthew 5:30)

Everyone staying in Him does not sin. Everyone sinning has neither 
seen Him nor known Him. Little children, let no one lead you astray. 
The one doing righteousness is righteous, even as He is righteous.”
(1 John 3:6-7)

QUESTION: Is Lew White's partnership with evil righteousness?

Since the 'debt' and his 'covenant' with Robert Nord play such prominent roles in this drama,
we need to ask ourselves how this fits into the picture... Here is what we know to be FACT:

Electric Ladyland, Inc. (music & head shop in Louisville, KY)
Corporate Papers
According to Kentucky Secretary of State, the department that handles Corporate filings, Electric Ladyland, Inc. 
was incorporated in 9/29/1988. It may have been earlier, but this is what the records available show.
It was incorporated by Arthur L. White (Lew) and Robert L. Nord. Both are shown as Directors and Lew White 
is the Registered Agent (the person assigned to handle all corporate affairs and is the contact person for the corporation). 
This continues, both listed equally, until 2003. The annual filing in 2003 was the last time Robert Nord was listed anywhere
in corporate documents. There is no recorded filing for 2004. However, the next 2005 filing has Phyllis White, Lew’s wife onboard... 
Doesn't mean much, but for one “TRAPPED” and wanting to get out of this business, it seems making Robert Nord more 
the 'face man' would be the obvious choice and begin a disassociation with Electric Ladyland, Inc., yet now it seems the opposite,
as his wife, Phyllis, has also become a 'corporate face' as a Director and Secretary.

For a man (Robert Nord) who wields so much power in the corporation (only 50% by Lew’s statement), a man who 'forces'
Lew to accept and operate a for-profit business on the Sabbath, employ and pay people to work on the Sabbath, and make a profit 
on the Sabbath, and to sell pagan gods and 'smoking paraphernalia', he sure plays a very MINOR role 'corporately' after 2003… 
Minor, as in ZERO reference in corporate papers after 2003, while at the same time, Lew’s wife, Phyllis, makes a premier role.
In an effort to HIDE his embarassing sin Lew has scribbled out his name on the 2011 document, replacing it with
that of Bob Nord as director. This by no means detracts from the evidence before you and is simply deceitful.

Still looking for the DEBT…

According to the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administration (JCPVA), the Electric Ladyland store property
was bought in 1993 for $200,000 by Electric Ladyland, Inc. That purchase was made over 17 years ago and no
additional significant additions were made to the property. Not much debt there after so many years...
So where is the HUGE debt?
(If Lew was trying to get out of Electric Ladyland, why on earth
would he
 buy a building with Bob, getting into further debt?)

Enter Strawberry Islands Franchises, Inc. (SIF) in 1997.

SIF was incorporated on 5/20/1997 with Phyllis White (Lew’s wife) as President, Director, and Registered Agent,
and Arthur (Lew) White as Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The corporate annual filings show this to be
unchanged till 2006, when Adam C. White is added as a Director and Vice-President of 'shipping.'
The stock spilt on this 2006 annual report shows to be: 80% Lew White, 10% Phyllis White, 10% Adam White.

In 2010, SIF assumed two corporate names into itself, “Torah Zone” and “Torah Institute.”

In June 2000, Strawberry Islands Franchises, Inc. (Phyllis, President, Lew, Vice-President) bought the 2303 Watterson Trail
property (future location of Institute for Scripture Research, Inc./ISR, Inc.) for $93,090. From property pictures on the
JCPVA web site, there is also a house on the property.

According to an interview given by Lew White to “Business First,” a business journal, the ORIGINAL PLAN
for the Watterson building was for a “Cybercafe & Gallery.” This is substantiated by the Property Report which
 states building is a “Tavern/Bar.”

White said he and Nord have developed other interests they'd like to pursue. White said his main focus is a health
foods cafe and store he's working on in Jeffersontown.

The Strawberry Islands Cybercafe and Gallery, in which White is partnering with his wife, is being built at 2303 Watterson Trail.
White expects it to open sometime later this year.

Nord declined to be interviewed and referred all questions to White.

In November 2001, Lew White sold his house (Fraser Dr.) for $210,000.

In December 2001, construction begins on Watterson building. JCPVA 2001 assessment is $2.1 million. Now assessed
at $741,950. This is the building Lew White said cost $1.5 million to build, which is now for sale for less
than $1 million. This is also the property Lew White asks for donations and financial gifts for, made out to HIM PERSONALLY.
This Watterson property is the primary addresses for two corporations, Strawberry Islands Franchises, Inc.
and Institute for Scripture Research, Inc.

We now see at least over $1.5 MILLION in possible debt… Is this the "huge debt" Lew references? But there is more…

In 2007, Strawberry Islands Franchises, Inc. (Torah Zone & Torah Institute) buys land where Lew & Phyllis now
PERSONALLY live, on Hillrock Place. SIF, Inc. then immediately transfers ownership to Lew White personally
(how and for how much is in legal-ease in the Quitclaim Deed, but it looks to be just transferred).
They build a house, a very nice house, now assessed at $430,740.
Who paid for the house construction is not listed.

So where is the massive debt Lew talks about?

Not in Electric Ladyland, Inc. it appears... Rather in Strawberry Islands Franchises, Inc.
and with Lew & Phyllis White personally.
Robert Nord appears to have nothing to do with any large debt. So is Electric Ladyland NOT the enslaver of
Lew White as claimed? Or is it WILLFULL attachment to 'pay the bills?'

If Lew White is truly trying to extricate himself from Electric Ladyland then
why is his website fossilizedcustoms registered to Electris Ladyland?
fossilized ladyland

We would call everyone to petition Lew White to open his books
and bring his dealings above board, being transparent before all
as he is a poor steward of donations.

Please email him at: orders@fossilizedcustoms.com


On top of what has already been uncovered regarding the so-called 'Torah Institute'
The building that was built under the guise that it is a building dedicated to YHWH and
the study of His Torah and has received over half a million dollars in donations from
believers under this assumption.
We now know that the documents bear witness that the use of the building for YHWH
was an AFTERTHOUGHT and an excuse to glean money from those deceived by Lew's lies!
The building has housed a number of worldly businesses including a bar operating on the Sabbath
accepting rent money from those leasing it and using it for unrighteous worldly
purposes on the Sabbath.
Notice that the School of Rock (Lew White is one of the directors) operates on the Sabbath
 and that their sign is
four times bigger than the Torah Institute sign!
Lew claims:
"The Louisville School of Rock is a fine up-scale music school teaching keyboards, guitar, bass, & drums."
How can you possibly believe that worldly rock music can produce any good fruit?
Lew White is yoked unlawfully from EVERY aspect of his life!
The paintings on the 'Torah Institute' also reveal a fascination with the beatles -
one of the most well known drug infuenced and idolized bands in history:
Here on the stairwell of the 'Torah Institute' we find the Beatles painted
prominently on the wall... The Beatles were also heavily influenced by the occult,
in particular the occultist/satanist Aleister Crowley whom they featured on an
album cover of their favorite historical figures:
Aleister Crowley... also known as both Frater Perdurabo and The Great Beast, was an influential English occultist
mystic and ceremonial magician... Crowley was a habitual drug user and also maintained a meticulous record of his 
drug-induced experiences with opium, cocaine, hashish, cannabis, alcohol, ether, mescaline, morphine, and heroin
Allan Bennett, Crowley's mentor, was said to have "instructed Crowley in the magical use of drugs.” - wikipedia

Is there some link here as to why Lew White owns a music/headshop dealing in drug paraphernalia?
It is no surprise that the Beatles and the guitarist Jimi Hendrix (who admitted being possessed
and would burn his guitar onstage as an offering) both feature prominently in Lew White's
headshop which is named after a Hendrix album.
electric ladyland
We question: how can someone who has the Spirit of YHWH in them stand to listen
to this drug and occult influenced filth called 'rock music' all day in his headshop?

Do you really think that YHWH would use a man who is involved in wicked works of darkness, 
dealing in the daytime with wicked false mighty ones, statues or false gods, aliens and occult matters 
and allow such a person to deal with His Word with dirty hands? Come on people...
It is time for His true people to make a stand and expose what is wicked. 
Do not participate in this wickedness or we will be judged the same way.

Aside from the apparent debt, we as believers ought to have NOTHING to do with false gods,
demonology, wicca and encouraging the purchase and sale of evil worldy goods.

"Do not love the world nor that which is in the world.
If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

(1 John 2:15)
"Clean and undefiled religion before the Elohim and Father is this:
to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to
keep oneself unstained from the world.”

(James 1:27)
"No one serving as a soldier gets involved in the affairs of this life,
 in order to please him who enlisted him as a soldier.”

(2 Timothy 2:4)
weighed in the balance The sad thing is that Lew White has become unreproveable in the eyes of many of his followers
being exalted in their eyes as a doer of 'great works' and although no one would deny this,
Selling a few copies of his book and warning a number of people about pagan Christianity does NOT outweigh all the abominable images, false gods and drug pharmakeia that has been sold through his hands for 35 years, leading hundreds of thousands of young people into death, continuing their deception and encouraging and supporting them in sin!

When we continue in sin, any good works we do are counted as filthy rags in his eyes:
And all of us have become as one unclean, and all our righteousnesses are as soiled rags.
And all of us fade like a leaf, and our wickednesses, like the wind, have taken us away.”
(Isaiah 64:6)
The truth is, Lew has been warned for YEARS by poeple to GET OUT of his
Electric Ladyland headshop, yet he continues in his sin...
Fellow believers have spent hours giving loving advice personally, by phone, and
even working out financial plans to aid him in extracting himself from this evil.

Sadly, a number who are blinded by Lew's artful dodging and good works
continue supporting him and make judgement in his favor without reviewing
ANY evidence, nor have they even gone into the store to confirm the witnesses.

Abstain from all appearance of evil.
(1 Thessalonians 5:22)
Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without;
lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.”
(1 Timothy 3:7)
Lew White is a laughing stock amongst even Christians... Even those
watered down by Christianity who do not follow the Torah see Lew White's
idol filled headshop as an abomination!

Let's examine the so-called 'ruling' by this group...
Firstly, the individual who made this 'ruling' is the well known
Simply type in any combination of these names into google and you will
 find the sort of man you are dealing with. We need not go any further
as MANY other believers have already exposed this man for what he is!
Secondly, YHWH's Word is the measure we use to judge righteously and
convict our hearts of sin, NOT MAN!
"It is my understanding that he only sells moodrings and clothes etc. but to my
knowledge no "demonic" idols or "demonic" statues or false god statues."
 - James Scott Trimm

The 'Beit Din' also go so far as to state the following:

"The International Nazarene Beit Din has examined in depth the case which this
accuser(s) have brought against Lew White. We have also examined in depth Lew
White's defense. The International Nazarene Beit Din makes the following conclusions:

The Beit Din finds no Torah command anywhere,

On the charge of "PROMOTION OF IDOLS" the accuser(s) have cited only passages
against idolatry itself, not the promotion of idols. However the Beit Din will
acknowledge that Deut. 13 would also forbid the promotion of Torah transgression. The
accuser(s) however have failed to show that Lew White has promoted any act of

How can this man make a 'ruling' when he has not even reviewed the facts personally?
He has simply become another lying false witness!
The fact is that James Trimm was removed from the INBD and therefore has
no right to make a ruling on this in the first place!


There are even some who HAVE been to the store and see nothing wrong!
A question was posed to a number of those who openly stand by Lew White:

"Hello, I was given the site Messianic Hall of Shame to read. I am not sure about what is written on that site so will ask you.
I just need one question answered please. Have you been to Lew Whites Electric Ladyland Shop, and if so is he right when
he says he only sells moodrings and clothes. No demonic idols or demonic statues or false god statues. If you can
 clear this up for me I would be pleased. Thank you, Richard & Belinda Burton."

"yes you are correct no idols and as for realdeception everyone here stands with lew ... 
he is being judged unrighteously. Sorry i typed to fast lew is being judged un-righteously 
and all of us at realdeception.com stand with lew white .... lew does not sell idols 
and he also does not have controlling interest in electric lady land ..."

" In answer to your question if I have ever been to the store you are referring to. . . I have not...
  I believe that Lew has had tomatoes thrown at him because he is a follower of Yahusha.
 It is to be expected. Yahusha bless you, Bryan Clark."

"I don’t know anyone that visited his shop other than my wife. I do not doubt for a minute that Lew 
will tell the truth. I’ve known him for close to 25 years and have no reason to doubt his word.
My wife did find the content “strange” but cannot recall any pagan or demonic content.
He had some posters, CD’s and other merchandise in the shop. This was in 1998. 
She cannot remember much about the visit. Wilhelm Wolfaardt (ISR Director)”

"Many people have been to his record store, look at his response to the lashon harah
he names many people who can vouch for his testamony. But like I said, why would I go 
out of my way to judge someone, that is not my place... 
Shalom Max Mitchell The Nazarite Site Bringing Y'shua To The Nations."

Sadly, many people are under the delusion that - someone else has been to the store!
Then there are some that HAVE been to the store and see nothing wrong!
Spend more time in the BESORAH and seek the FATHER with all your concerns. We love 
Lew White with all of our hearts and the filth and false witness that has come against
him will be judged by our Maker... AND YES! We have personally visited their shop 
and their home and their place of ministry and these accusations are false and the root
is jealousy. You will see this in time. Stay in the word and love everyone. 
Love, Paloma (partners with Lew profiteering off the Besorah)

These are the sort of people bearing false witness and adding to the
confusion blaming jealousy etc. hiding the truth from those who cannot
witness the abominations due to distance, and take people at their word.
Sadly, their word is worth about as much as Lew White who claims there is
nothing New Age for sale in his store!


Stop buying merchandise from Lew White, as aside from all this filth, we have
already uncovered how he sells the Word of YHWH, breaking the Torah by
making a profit from His Word... When translated correctly 2 Cor 2:17
also has a rebuke for those who peddle the Word:
For we are not, as so many, merchandising the Word of Elohim for gain
– but as of sincerity, but as from Elohim, in the sight of Elohim, we speak in Messiah.”
(2 Corinthians 2:17)

Again, we repeat:

If Lew continues in this idolatry and profit making the Word
then believers must treat him accoring to Scripture:

"But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone 
called ‘a brother,’ if he is one who whores, or greedy of gain
or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or a swindler –
not even to eat with such a one.”
(1 Corinthians 5:11)

Lew White states that he needs this income to support his ministry work, but
if YHWH was behind a ministry, he would provide.
Lew reveals his lack of trust in YHWH to provide and we believe 
that if YHWH is not providing, it is not His will...
"What then shall we say to this? If Elohim is for us, who is against us?”
(Romans 8:31)

We would call everyone to petition Lew White to quit 

these abominations, put pressure on him to open his books

 and bring his dealings above board, being transparent before

all as he is a poor steward of donations.

Please email him at: order@fossilizedcustoms.com


For a list of some of those who stand against the wickedness practiced by Lew White,
or to stand with us go to the 'ABOUT US' page.