Lew (Arthur) White

Lew NO MASK? Do we really know who Lew White really is?
What is he really involved in?
How many pies does he have his finger in?

In his response to this website (read it for yourself) -
Lew white claims to have NO MASK... Is this true? Is he revealing all of his dealings in and out of his ministry?
Firstly, if YOU had known that 50% of moneys used to fund his ministry was gleaned from selling rock music, wizardry, incense and drug paraphernalia would you have ever
supported him by purchasing his material let alone attending one of his Torah seminars?
It has already been established by his own admission that Lew White owns a 'headshop' in
Louisville that sells rock music and posters, wizards and fairies and 'lifestyle items' including
drug paraphernalia. He has even posted the pictures on his website at the link below:

Some of those who are part of this group who are standing up against sin in the body of Messiah
used to donate to Lew White's ministries including the so called 'Torah Institute'


Lew White makes the following plea for donations to his 'Torah Institute' on his fossilized customs website:

As we developed in this ministry of Yahusha about 10 years ago, we realized a physical facility would enable people to learn in a number of ways.  
So, we used our savings, the equity in our home, and all of my surplus income to build the facility.  The total property and building cost was 1.5 million dollars,
and the debt balance currently owed is comprised of two loans, both totaling less than a third of the original building costs.  The reason there are two loans
is because the bank financing was more advantageous to us if we avoided one big “jumbo” loan.  The second mortgage is considered a separate loan, 
but it is still tied to the original costs of development. The facility costs of any ministry are typically the largest single expense, as is a house for an individual family.
   As we began to struggle to meet the monthly costs to keep going (since the economic disaster of 9-11-2001), we appealed to patrons that 
believed in the work we do for Yahusha to help lift the monthly expenses with us.  A few people have selflessly helped each month since we 
made our need known.  The only person that receives pay is Shelby;  Phyllis and I receive no payment, but rather I commit my own secular 
income toward the monthly fixed and variable expenses - which is often not enough to cover things.  Without outside help, we couldn't possibly manage.  
The building asset is not owned by me, but rather it is in the name of the corporation, Strawberry Islands, which we formed ten years ago.  
I’m turning 59 in a couple of months, and I have no delusions concerning money.  I don’t love money, but it is a tool, like my ten-year-old truck. 
I cannot effectively do this work from the middle of a forest of trees, but I would if that is what Yahusha wants of me.  Some are sent to speak 
from stairways and sidewalks at university campuses, parks, or subways.  I was given the task of using all the assets given to me (physical
resources & talents) to bring about a Messianic community that could also reach to the ends of the Earth through books and the Internet.  
This has happened, but the work needs help; and that help needs to come from Yahusha’s people.  I’m sorry there is a debt, but if we had 
waited until we had the money to build, we would still be waiting to get started.  What has been accomplished in the last 10 years is amazing, 
but we need the push of many more people to keep going.

We were a little confused when we clicked on the link on the HOMEPAGE of fossilizedcustoms.com
at the very bottom where it appears as though he is selling the very building he has been receiving
donations for nearly ten years and is asking for more:


Whole building and land:  $899,000
1st level $10/SF; 2nd and 3rd levels $1500 per month (plus utilities, landscaping)

Does this make sense to you? Selling the very building that is still receiving donations?
We were somewhat confused... Same address... same photo of the same looking building.
We thought there might be some mistake so we googled the address:

???? Now we're really confused! The address appears as 'Louisville School of Rock'!
Let's just follow the trail folks... Louisville School of Rock webpage:
confirms the same address as Nazarene Israelite Torah Institute and looking at the
page titled FACILITIES we see that familiar building:

It's that same building, but wait...! What's that sign on the gate?

Here's the image from fossilizedcustoms.com...

And heres that same gate sign in focus...

And here's another one from fossilizedcustoms.com

Photo #1 and photo #3 are identical except for the sign on the gate.
Is Lew White deliberately trying to deceive by photo-editing an ISR sign onto the last image?

It seems that
2303 WATTERSON TRAIL is used for more than just Torah teaching...
We did the same search for
Louisville School of Rock as we did for Electric Ladyland
on the Kentucky State organizations records and guess who's name appears as one of
 the managers/members? That's right! Lew White (the one with no masks?):

Another site that popped up with the search on the address was a real estate selling the property.
This is the agent named on the fossilizedcustoms.com website:

Same building, but it became even more shocking... We clicked the 'enlarge' button on
the image and here's what the banner reads:
Coor's Light
It seems as thought there's a bar selling beer at the Torah Institute!

Let's be honest. If it wasn't for this website exposing shameful behavior of brothers to bring repentance
very few people would have known of Lew White's masked dealings.
The School of Rock advertises weekend rock workshops and a bar
is selling beer on the weekends so does this mean  Lew White has his 'Torah Institute'
gleaning profits from this venture on Sabbath just as he does
from his Electric Ladyland headstore?

This appears to be the source of the beer...
Wootz Games
0 0
2303 Watterson Trl, Louisville, KY 40299
Phone: (502) 809-1342
1.2 mi
Alienware and More. And More. Beer And Food Available. Directory & Services hobby Home Entertainment
Louisville Offers Pc And Console Video Games In A Very Upscale Environment.
Private Parties retail shop store Tournaments toys Valve Video Game Rental video games wholesale Xbox-360

So it seems that Lew White has opened the doors of the 'Torah Institute' that we have all been donating
toward to a gaming shop selling 'Alienware' and beer alongside a 'School of Rock' that he has a hand in.

In his response to this site, Lew White makes some shocking statements...
Read it for yourself, but here are just a few:

LEW: "In the end, it may be better to need improvement than to have judged one another. The assembly of
Natsarim is a hospital for sinners, and it is not paradise.  I’m still in that hospital, and learning to love.
On his site, Lew is claiming to be a 'Torah teacher' and even a chaplaincy endorsee. If he is admitting
 to be a victim  in a hospital for sinners,  and sees no wrong
in his involvement and ownership of these
 abominable worldly matters, then
he ought not to be in a position of trying to teach others. 

"For indeed, although by this time you ought to be teachers, you need
someone to teach you again the first elements of the Words of Elohim."
(Heb 5:12) 
LEW: "I've always been visible, and never "hidden" the fact that my secular income comes from Electric Ladyland Inc,
 and that it is used to support Yahusha's work.
The faltering income received from the retail store described
in this letter supports about 50% of this ministry."
Lew admits to owning the rockstore/headshop and uses this filthy lucre to do the work of יהוה but
the fact is, that this information was hidden, and if he thought it was legitimate then why not post
the information on his website previously?
LEW: "...when I gave my life to Yahusha 26 years ago.  As I prayed for His will in the matter,
 He showed me that I was to
remain where He had planted me so as to use me..."

one would seriously have to question what spirit showed Lew to stay in his foul business.
It's one thing to go amongst sinners and proclaim the truth and call for repentance as
did, but our Master did NOT participate in their wickedness!
LEW: "Yahusha owns the store, and I am able to mingle among those who are burdened down with sin..."
"יהושע OWNS THE STORE" !!!? This is blasphemy! If Lew White stands by this statement
 unerepentant, then he cannot be called a brother.
We are called to be qodesh!
Lev 11:44 "And you shall be 
qodesh, for I am qodesh."
Lev 11:45  "And you shall be 
qodesh, for I am qodesh."
Lev 19:2  "Be 
qodesh, for I יהוה your Elohim am qodesh."
Lev 20:7  "And you shall
qadosh yourselves, and shall be qodesh."
Lev 20:26  "And you shall be v to Me, for I יהוה am 
Rev 22:11  "He who is 
qodesh, let him be more set-apart."
2Pe 3:11  "...ought you to be in 
qodesh behaviour and reverence."
1Pe 1:15  "The One who called you is 
qodesh, become qodesh."
1Pe 1:16  "It has been written, “Be 
qodesh, for I am set-apart."
Eph 1:4  "We should be 
qodesh and blameless..."
Eph 5:27 "Not having spot or wrinkle, be 
qodesh and blameless."
Heb 12:14  "Pursue qodeshah without which no one see the Master."
1Jn 3:3  "Having this expectation in Him cleanses himself, as He is clean."

All this information is public and we have not added to it despite Lew's claims of a personal attack
because of his work for
יהוה. None of the information on this site is directed towards any of the
works Lew has done in the Name of 
יהוה over the years, merely to bring attention to
his secular dealings that will hopefully bring repentance for Lew White and for all believers
to examine themselves as Scripture calls us to:
"Examine yourselves whether you are in the belief – prove yourselves. Or do you
not know yourselves, that יהושע Messiah is in you, unless you are disapproved."
(2 Cor 13:5)
 "So that, my beloved, as you always obeyed – not only in my presence, but now much
rather in my absence – work out your own deliverance with fear and trembling..."
(Php 2:12)


Lew White is claiming that he is in debt up to the eyeballs. In debt personally and in regard
to the 'ministry facility'. Lew White is either a poor steward of the hundreds of thousands
of dollars in donations or there is a curse on him for his involvement in wickedness.

What surprises us the most is the comment that Lew makes about not have any funds to run his ministry. 
If you take a long look at the facts you will see clearly that hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone 
through Lew Whites hands.
    1.) Lew White calls for donations for printing his books. Some of those large donations came from people on this team.

    Lew White then prints his books and then sells them for profit for around $9 to $12 each. A book like this costs as little as $2 to print.

    2.) Lew Sells 'The Scriptures' of which the last print run (one of a number that is done each year) were 9000 copies.
    These cost around $5 each to print including shipping in bulk around the world so there is a profit just on the softcover of around $20.
    This does not include the leather-bound or any other edition. There are also profits on all the other restored Name Scriptures that Lew White sells.
    It is against Torah to make a profit on YHWH's Word.

    3.) Lew Whites makes profits merchandising the Name of YHWH on aprons, hats, shirts, mugs, stickers, pens, lithographs,
    license frames, badges and so much more.

    4.) Lew White sells other people's books and items for a profit.

    5.) Lew White got a loan to build facility costing $1.5 million asking believers to pay for this mortagage each month. Many came forward to do
    this as they were led to believe they were paying money towards a buliding for Torah learning and also that they were putting the funds
    into a place that was solely a ministry and Torah institue. We see that is not the case. If people were informed what they were donating
    toward then that would be the honest thing to do. Lew White rents out or leases to people to be used for business and promotion of matters
    that are against Torah. These businessess are open on the Sabbath.

    6.) Lew White has asked for and continued to receive donations towards his $6000+ expenses he says he has to run his ministry including
    power, phone and other living costs. These were displayed on his site for a very long period of time. See link below:
    7.) Phyllis White worked in Real Estate for a long period of time.

    8.) Lew White has owned and operated a headshop for 35 years and of that 35 years they has been a believer for 26 of them.
    This business by his own admission was making up to $900,000 annually at some stages. He says he only owns 50% but if they owned
    even 1% it would be wrong.
What we are struggling to understand how Lew White can say he cannot afford to run his ministry work when people have been paying his 
mortagage and running expenses. With all the profits above that are being made and the loans and expensives being paid by believers 
then where is all the money? There has to be an accounablity to all this, the financial books have to be displayed on his site so we can see 
where all the funds have gone or how they were used. We all have donated to Lew over the years. If we had known about his headshop and 
rentals and leases to rock schools etc. we would not have donated a thing.

What is so shameful is that we have received hundreds of emails of people who have lost their jobs, homes and cars and most of what they 
have owned, and some go without a meal to give money to Lew White. Some number live in trailers or sheds, and there was a couple who 
were homeless while Lew White's 'Torah Institute' is surrounded by the luxuries of landdscaped gardens and a pond with a covered lounge deck.
Lew has not stopped asking for funds for so many items and things over the years.. A number on this team have very large book, tracts,
dvd and web ministries that are run in their camper or their spare rooms and garages. There is no extra costs as one lives in the house.

Lew White claims it is a necessity to operate from a spacious facility and yet every time we read about assemblies
in Scripture, they are all in homes. His reasoning is parallel with the Christian Benny Hinn money spinning con artists.

Act 7:48 "The Most High does not dwell in dwellings made with hands..."
Act 5:42  "In every house, they did not cease teaching..."
Act 17:24 "
יהוה does not dwell in dwellings made with hands."
Act 20:20  "...taught you publicly and from house to house..."
Rom 16:5 "...the assembly that is in his house..."
1Co 16:19 "...the assembly that is in their house."
Php 4:22 "...most of all those of Caesar’s household."
Col 4:15 "...the assembly that is in his house."
Phm 1:2 "...the assembly at your house."