UPDATE 10th October 2012                                
To this date there has still been no repentance from any of the Torah
Commands that ISR is breaking. ISR continues to publish Bibles,
charging a massive profit on each one with excessive postage and packaging
while the director - Mr. Wolfaardt lives in luxury.
Further research proves that Mr. Wolfaardt is also in possession
of Dr. Koster's other writings which certain brothers in South Africa
who knew Chris personally, testify that he has stolen.

The director of ISR Wilhelm Wolfaardt has accused us of lying
even though we were already in contact
with three other witnesses
 (in accordance with the Torah). We have since found further witnesses
and the following are the testimony of those who personally knew Dr. Koster and some who have
confronted Mr. Wolfaardt regarding
this breach of trust.

"Wilhelm Wolfaardt is well aware of what Chris Koster's wishes were with The Scriptures. I was a close friend of Chris’s and he relayed to me
 his wishes. I can confirm that at no time did Chris change his mind about the selling of Yahuweh’s Word. Chris donated most of his income and savings to Wilhelm Wolfaardt to continue the work. Wilhelm Wolfaardt gave his word to Chris that "The Scriptures" would not be sold at any time. People sent in donations to cover the cost of each copy. At no time did this change. I can confirm the total that was left by Chris Koster to Wilhelm Wolfaardt. Chris's family and lawyer can confirm this as I have confronted Wilhelm Wolfaardt a number of times but this man is prideful and will not change that is why he has removed everyone that has confronted him. I can also bring to your attention that Chris also wrote a note in his book called Final Reformation. Please check it out and he never changed the name of this book or removed the wording Free not to be sold. I know that Chris would be heartbroken over what has happened to his life long work that he started in the early 1970’s. Wilhelm Wolfaardt knows who I am.  And he will stand in judgment for what he has done against the Fathers Word."
A close friend of the late Dr. Chris Koster.

"Wilhelm Wolfaardt will not repent but will continue his shocking lie regarding the selling of The Scriptures. I have confronted him with a number of brothers to no avail. Your words will fall on deaf ears. I can confirm that Dr Koster never changed his mind about selling The Scriptures and never once sold a copy. One of his fears was when he passed away what would become of his work. Wilhelm Wolfaardt gave his word to Dr Koster that The Scriptures would never be sold but would be on a donation basis only. To be honest a number of us did not trust Wilhelm Wolfaardt and were very reserved. There was a couple of members of Dr Kosters family that never trusted Wilhelm Wolfaardt and expressed this to Dr Koster at the time. We have expressed to Wilhelm Wolfaardt if he cannot continue what he promised Dr Koster then give The Scriptures to others that can fulfill his wishes."
Brother S. - Pretoria, South Africa.

"Dr Chris Koster has been accused of being a double minded man James 1vs7 -8. Can you honestly see Yahuweh using a double-minded man to do work on His Word? This is blasphemy. I am shocked to read how low a person that calls himself a brother would go for money. The comments by Bill Meyers and Wilhelm Wolfaardt regarding Dr Chris Koster changing  his mind about selling The Scriptures and that Dr Chris Koster sold The Scriptures when he was alive is downright evil. When I visited Dr Chris shortly before his passing we shared about his work on The Scriptures and what he would like to see happen to them. He expressed to me that they were never to be sold and that the person he entrusted them to agreed that he would not let that happen. There was a large sum of money that was given to Wilhelm  to continue the work."
Brother Paki, South Africa

"Dr Chris Koster left two special messages in the books he spent most of his life putting together. He knew this would protect his works from wolves. He was well aware of the Torah command not to profit off the Word of Yahweh. Little did he know that the wolf was in the flock and within a short period of time after his death Wolfaardt printed another edition, his first which he copyrighted and removed the most important message left by Dr Chris. The words that Dr Chris added to The Scriptures and Final Reformation was his legacy for Yahweh and His people. Dr Chris Koster has never printed any copies of The Scriptures without the statement “Not to be Sold” or “This book cannot be sold”.You will never see these editions for sale again. Wolfaardt has done all he can to rid the world of these editions."
Brother Andrew, South Africa.

"There is a small group of us that were close to Dr Chris Koster. We have been so shocked how quickly his life-long work took to be turned around to where it is today. Dr Chris Koster was a man that lived what he believed and upheld Yahuweh’s Torah. He lived and loved the Laws of Yahuweh. Each time a number of us visited him in his tiny flat he was so excited and only wanted to talk about “The Scriptures”.  He drove a very old car and lived a simple life to save as much as possible to put towards The Scriptures. Right up until he died at home with his wife who took him back and nursed him he never wavered in selling of Yahuweh’s Word. If anyone tells you he did then they are lying. Dr Chris Koster started his path of truth in the 60’s and worked daily on The Scriptures starting early 70’s as he make a vow to Yahuweh."
South Africa.

One of the associates here from MHS spoke directly with a brother in South Africa who was close to Dr. Koster who confirmed what others have stated in their comments: that Dr. Chris never sold his works and that the statements he left in the books where his confirmation so that no one would sell them. They shared that Dr. Koster lived a simple life and gave us everything beside his work to do the work on 'The Scriptures.' He would go to the university in Pretoria everyday by himself except Sabbath and do his research. This was his life and a promise he made to YHWH. He never wanted the works sold and was promised by Wolfaardt that he would never sell them ever. Mr. Koster was a strong minded brother who understood YHWH's vision and knew what he wanted for his works and make it clear to a large number of people. Wolfaardt has been offered help by many who would take Dr. Koster's works and do what Dr. Chris envisioned and not sell 'The Scriptures' but it appears Wolfaardt distances everyone that does not agree with him. There is only Wolfaardt, his brother-in-law and sister-in-law that work with him though there are a few here and there that he uses but they have no authority and say in regard to Dr. Koster's works.

We have a further six witnesses confirming that Dr. Chris did indeed leave a sum of money to be used for printing and shipping and that people were to send in donations to cover printing. Wilhelm Wolfaardt stated to these witnesses that the money ran out and that he decided to sell 'The Scriptures.' We here at MHS have interviewed these witnesses and they attest to this statement.

Having undergone further research after being accused as liars by Mr. Wolfaardt and others, we will prove by government
documents that Mr. Wolfaardt and his family do indeed live in a home worth at least a million dollars...
In correspondence with Mr. Wolfaardt we provide the following quotes and oaths:
Hello Bob
"Chris Koster NEVER left me any money - YHWH is my witness. I did not steal the copyright to THE SCRIPTURES - In fact, it does not belong to me. YHWH is my witness."

"You say I live in a million dollar home - my home did not cost a million dollars in the first place. It probably did not cost more than $350000 to build. I live on a life-style block in order to keep YHWH's torah (in order to eat kosher and keep YHWH's Pesach). If you are willing to meet me, I will discuss it with you in detail. YHWH is my witness."

"I do not take trips to South Africa from ISR profits - YHWH is my witness."

"YHWH is witness between us Bob. If you wish to live in righteousness and no longer spread lies, I suggest you no longer allow satan to bring division in the Messianic Movement by spreading lies about me and the ISR. I have honestly laboured all my life in providing for my family. The provision was not from the ISR. My work for the ISR is not for remuneration, but because I love YHWH and am working in His vineyard."

"I, Wilhelm Wolfaardt, herewith declare to the Messianic / Nazarene / Israel community at large, that my Brother and friend, Chris Koster, never left me a single cent."

Wilhelm Wolfaardt.

POINT #1.)
The witnesses we have spoken to all report that Dr. Koster did indeed leave money
for the continuation of producing 'The Scriptures' for free.
We are not sure if Mr. Wolfaardt is playing with words in the first paragraph as we acknowledge
the copyright does not belong to him, but there is no doubt that Chris Koster NEVER, nor was
it EVER his intention to copyright 'The Scriptures' but  the ISR copyrighted 'The Scriptures' after
Dr. Koster's death.
isr copyright

POINT #2.) Again it is hard to say if Mr. Wolfaardt is just playing word games as he says his
home did not
cost more than $350,000 to build, yet the record shows that
 he did indeed spend just short of  
ONE MILLION DOLLARS to purchase his home:
1 million dollar home

Please note that Mr. Wolfaardt has SWORN IN THE NAME OF YHWH on this!
Google: '10 John Brian Drive' if you want to see it.
The point originally made regarding the expense of the home Mr. Wolfaardt lives in
is to highlight that the profits gleaned from the sale of Dr. Koster's translation are far
too excessive and are clearly being used to advance other interests...
As many have requested the link to view Mr. Wolfaardt's property, we have included the link:

Click on the link above, scroll down to the property listed as:
10 John Brian Drive
to witness the luxury in which the head of ISR lives.

Mr Wolfaardt in fact owns a SECOND property bought for nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLARS:

2nd prperty
Mr. Wolfaardt makes reference to owning property in South Africa in several correspondences
although it has not yet been verified whether he still owns them or not.

Wilhelm Wolfaardt has contacted us in regard to this information that exposes him as a liar...
If we do not remove the information about his properties, he threatens to take legal action
to force removal of this truth. Knowing this world's system, this may be forced upon us
so make a copy of this information for yourself now if so needed and share it with those
who love truth to expose this liar.

POINT #3.) We find this statement totally lacking in credibility when ISR charges postage AND PACKAGING:
"My work for the ISR is not for remuneration, but because I love YHWH"
When a group that claims to be doing a service for YHWH charges over and above the actual cost of
postage and CHARGES MONEY TO PUT IT INTO A BOX then it is no longer a matter of love!
There are literally thousands of dollars that have been taken for excessive postage and handling fees.
Truly, they have received their reward in full.
isr postage
Notice that the cost is $30 but the sale total jumps to $31 for 'handling fees'
Notice also that the postage is between $7.50 and $10 yet New Zealand has a
flat rate of $3.50 for packages this size... (check for yourself on
That's between TWICE to THREE TIMES the true cost
which amounts to THEFT!
This is only one of ISR's bookshops owned and operated by Wilhelm Wolfaardt.
Feel free to contact him through this site and demand the books to be opened:

In further emails with Mr. Wolfaardt, he demands the following:
"Please provide evidence that I stole THE SCRIPTURES.
Please provide evidence that I plagiarised THE SCRIPTURES.
Please provide evidence that I copyrighted THE SCRIPTURES.
Please provide evidence that I copyrighted them as my own.
Please provide evidence that I made hundreds of thousands of dollars from The Scriptures in profit."

All the above points have been covered in the first expose on this matter and we have above
provided written witnesses of the FACTS that Dr. Koster never intended 'The Scriptures' to be
sold or copyrighted. Even Lew White in an attempt to absolve himself of his complicity said:

"Personally, I'm not a fan of "copyrighting" Yahuah's Word; but, ISR did so, and that's
someone else's call. 
According to the definition of plagarism, all translations of Scripture
illegitimately copyrighted. I consider the "board" of ISR entitled to make decisions,
and I make recommendations; whatever is decided, I comply with."
Encyclopædia Britannica: plagiarism noun 
"the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own."
Therefore, anyone who takes the Word of YHWH and puts their name to to it
is guilty of plagiarism, stealing credit from the true Author, and self-seeking!

For where jealousy and self-seeking are, there is confusion and every foul deed.”

James 3:16

...but wrath and displeasure to those who are self-seeking 

and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness...”

Romans 2:8

 Here again is the proof from the original printing of 'The Scriptures'
The evidence therefore that the current ISR has stolen and plagiarized 'The Scriptures' is in that
Dr. Koster NEVER intended for anyone to make a profit from them and therein lies the theft.
Plagiarism is the act of taking another's work and claiming it as their own to make a profit!
"For a man might labour with wisdom, knowledge, and skill; yet he leaves his
 heritage to a man who has not laboured for it. That too is futile and a great evil."
(Ecclesiastes 2:21)

The evidence that ISR copyrighted the work is plain for anyone to see and cannot but wonder
if Mr. Wolfaardt is playing with word usage in his statement, 
"copyrighted them as my own"
isr copyright

Since this website opened, ISR South Africa
- because of the wickedness Lew is involved in - is trying
 to distance itself from ISR USA which is operated by Lew White... Others from ISR are attempting
to make it appear as though Lew White was merely a distributor of 'The Scriptures' when the fact is
that Lew was asked by ISR over ten years ago to set up a sister corporation in the name of
Institute for Scripture Research Inc.

Here we have Bill Meyer of ISR saying Lew never payed for printing yet Lew in his own words has operated
ISR Inc. in the US "managing two bank accounts, paying printing and storage bills to various printers,
 paying taxes to the various government entities, and even employing an accountant to keep the filing
required by US government." Someone's lying, and the state record shows that Lew White is indeed
the president of ISR Inc. and has been since 2003...

Bill Meyer has been caught out in a number of lies...
Check out for more information.
Wilhelm and Bill also run messianichallofshame lashon hara facebook page
and all pat each others back with Lew and Trimm in their collective wickedness.

                                 UPDATE 10th October 2012                                

Since this site has been operating, the people exposed on this site who are collectively
involved in all these shameful works, have become more blatant in their support for each
other's wickedness... They pat each other's back and defend the other's Torah breaking and
it is a clear sign that all those who support and sell these people's books and Bibles are all
in the same bed together, reaping unlawful gain from Messianic believers.
Remember that Scripture warns that 'the wolves' will come from within to deceive
and Satan himself masquerades as a messenger of light!

On the ISR website: this question is posed:

Is the money "earned" from your publications used to pay salaries to personnel?
"The Institute for Scripture Research does not pay salaries to any of the directors. All proceeds 
from the sales of books are used to republish, update and further the work at the ISR."

REALLY? We know for a fact that it costs $5 to print a standard soft-cover
which means that when the distributors of 'The Scriptures' sell a copy, the extra $20 profit
supposedly goes toward research and study at the ISR! This is only comparing a soft-cover
edition, not to mention a leather one which sells for $110 !!!
For proof of the cost to print, see the following quote from the current printers of 'The Scriptures':
isr costings

You will notice that for even the minimum order, the price is a little over $5 and cheaper with bulk!
After correspondence with Lew White and others it seems that a 'conservative' estimate on the
amount sold of just the soft covered edition of 'The Scriptures' alone through the years is in the
 vicinity of 100,000 copies... Taking an average sale price of $20 over the years gives a total of
around $2,000,000 dollars... that's right,
Remember this is only the SOFT COVERED estimate and does not include the profits made from:

HARDCOVER (which may account for another third of sales)
LARGE PRINT (of which sell another tenth)
LEATHER BOUND (which sell for up to $120 and cost under $20 to produce!)
In fact the total sales may well be much higher and taking all the sales collectively
including the sales of 'Come Out Of Her My People' the estimated total could be in excess of
This doesn't even include donations given to ISR

We now draw your attention to the SALES of 'Come Out Of Her My People' which is
published by ISR and was written by Dr. Koster... The original work was titled
'The Final Reformation'
Again we have witnesses and the text is still contained in the available e-book of the
same name that prove that Dr. Koster's intention and conviction was to give the book
out FREELY, yet again ISR chose to COPYRIGHT the work and SELL the book for
a profit! The text in the book reads:
Cannot be sold 

Together with the quote from the original printing of 'The Scriptures' we see from two witnesses
provided by Dr. Koster himself that his intent was clear...

The profits from this book alone are impossible to estimate until ISR takes accountability and

opens the books to prove that they are NOT MAKING A PROFIT. They of course will not
as anyone with even a tiny experience of publishing can plainly see that the cost prices
of the ISR range are over 200% of production costs.

Wilhelm Wolfaadrt and Bill continue to claim that Dr. Koster CHANGED HIS MIND and initiated
the scheme to sell 'The Scriptures'... As the brother from South Africa rightly said this is
accusing brother Chris Koster of being "a double minded man, unstable in all his ways." (James 1:7-8)
Everyone we have spoken with has testified that Dr. Koster was a righteous man who lived Torah
and loved the Laws of YHWH and in no way would have reneged on these two promises (which we
have quoted from his works.) We believe that Dr. Koster printed these statements in the books as
 a witness to the fact that these works were never to be sold!

Aside from the lie from ISR their excuse has been from the beginning that not
enough donations were coming in to continue the vision from YHWH.
The truth is that:

There have been a number of people who have stepped forward to ask the ISR
that if they cannot handle the Word in accordance with Torah then they would
gladly take over free of charge and will sign legal documents to the affect that they
will never sell 'the Scriptures'

The profits are obviously too good to give up but we have witnessed the
rise of a ministry - HalleluYah Scriptures - that proves YHWH does provide for
His Word to be given freely and there are many ministries that purchase Scriptures
from ISR to give out freely too numerous to count.
If ISR claims that Chris Koster made the decision to sell the Word before he
died in 1995 then we wonder how the author of this webpage below recieved
his copy of 'The Scriptures' in 1995:

Here are some further comments we have received:

"My husband and I have confronted the Wolfaardt’s on the way they live while others are suffering. We have also brought
to their attention what they have done with Chris Koster’s vision. We feel we have been beating a dead horse for so many years now that we gave up. Your site was bought to our attention and we are grateful to Yahweh for your  ministry. Please expose this man and the profits he has consumed over the years since Chris Koster passed away. You need to check out the extra properties he owns and a number of other things he has bought each year. Talking to a brother that was close to Dr. Chris Koster and who knew of Wilhelm Wolfaardt said that he was a poor person that really was not going to amount to much. He had nothing to his name when he hung around Dr. Chris Koster towards the end of his life. Dr. Chris Koster's wife had reservations over Wilhelm Wolfaardt and expressed this to Dr. Chris Koster but we think that Dr. Chris did not have many options in the end and knew he was going to die and did not want to leave it with his family as they were not keen on his beliefs at the time. How sad this has all become. He will not repent and is a prideful man. Blessings."
J. & M. Van Rooyen

"Please brethren come together and confront these men selling the Fathers Word. Call for their books to be opened and to be honest. They have lied to Yahuwah and Chris Koster who spent a lifetime on the Fathers Word for His people. They have made His house a den of robbers. No where in Scripture do you see Yahushua selling His Father for money. This is so wicked and needs to be exposed and we as children of the most high need to warn as many brothers and sisters  encouraging them to stop feeding this beast. STOP accusing falsely the brothers and sisters who have worked hard on this site and to expose what is wicked. They have done this for Yahuwah’s people and deserve a lot more respect. Take the time to read the site. Don’t go and ask Lew White if it is true, that is so stupid yes stupid. These are not brothers they are wolves. 2 Corth 6vs14 – Matt 7vs15. True followers of Yahuwah would not do such a thing. Thanks"
P.L. Olson

In the first exposé we alluded to confusing changes in the most recent version
and it seems as though we are not the only ones... We received this email:

"This is the exact copy of the message I've sent to ISR (Institute for Scripture Research):
'Please respond so I know you got this message. If you don't have time to write a letter back, I understand, just simply type "Got it". And I will get it: You claim the 2009 Edition has improvements. There are nice improvements. And they're: The Maps, Illustrations, Table of Measurements, More Glossary Topics, and the page markers that have English on the left and the Hebrew Transliteration on the right. These are very nice treasures, but not enough to condemn our lives! You have fallen by the way side. Don't change one jot or one tittle. You do not steal (Exodus 20:15 and Deuteronomy 5:19). You do not bear false witness against your neighbor (Exodus 20:16 and Deuteronomy 5:20). Do not add to His Words, lest He reprove you, and you be found a liar (Proverbs 30:6). You have changed His Words, and replaced them with your own, changing the meaning of the text!! Myself and my 2 teenage boys have found these "fatal errors" so far. You replaced "burnt offering" with "ascending offering". You replaced "altar" with "slaughter-place". These have to do with the Hekal worship!! You cannot do this!! Leviticus 9:14 the Scriptures 1998 "And he washed the entrails and the legs, and burned them with the burnt offering on the altar." the Scriptures 2009 "And he washed the entrails and the legs, and burned them with the ASCENDING OFFERING on the SLAUGHTER-PLACE." Psalm 119 you have disgraced 7 times by replacing "kindness" with "loving-commitment". There is no such contraction in any language and commitment can't be compared to "kindness". You have stolen YAHUHAH's Word and are selling it for a profit and your 2009 Edition is screaming out to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. We know what you did and the berakah (blessing) of His Word is being snatched from your hand. If you don't repent and change your ways, you will know YAHUAH's wrath instead of His "kindness".' "  - T.B. USA.



Because the eyes of יהוה are on the righteous, and his ears are open
to their prayers, but the face of יהוה is against those who do evil.”
(1 Peter 3:12)

We ask that after you have examined the facts, to direct as many
believers as
you can to this site to expose this group of greedy profiteers.
Email and link this site from your Yahspace, Facebook and other
social networks, forums and guestbooks to warn fellow believers.
If you have had any experience dealing with ISR that needs to be

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