If you have diligently researched the facts and proof on this site you can only come to the
conclusion that we and others have;
that these people are deliberately continuing in their
and rely on one another to pat each other's back and hopefully deceive
more trusting people to fund their wickedness.

"Birds of a feather"
Despite the blatant evil of Lew White's business, James Trimm on his Nazarene Space website
has supported Lew White by declaring him to be a "righteous man" and describes the facts on this
 site as "slander" and despite the photographic proof of the contents of Lew's store and items
for sale claims that there is nothing "demonic" nor are there any idols for sale or occultic items
and claims that he has known about it for a number of years!

slander noun  Law: the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.

Mr. Trimm offers no proof nor evidence of his statement that this site is a "slander" and therefore
becomes a false witness in accord with Scripture. Please feel free to refer back to the pages
exposing Lew White with the many photographic proofs of the idolatry, occult and drug
paraphernalia on sale in Lew's shop...

Mr. White, in turn pats Mr. Trimm on the back and as a fellow member of Mr. Trimm's site
recommends that everyone "send a regular monthly check" to support Mr. Trimms site!

Mr. White also consoles both Trimm and Wolfaardt (who is of course also a member of
Mr. Trimm's site)  for these apparent "accusations"...

Mr. Trimm counts it a "badge of honor" to be on Messianic Hall of Shame:

These men all flock together to support one another's geedy gain because
they all sell each other's books and translations of the Bible making profits
from trusting believers who are ignorant of their hidden works.

Although the targets of this page continue to ignore the proof shout the excuse
that they are being maliciously attacked and that we are being hateful,
we again repeat: This exposé is conducted with much love for the entire
Messianic brotherhood... Both to call repentance (in accordance with Scripture)
and to warn fellow believers that there ARE wolves out there.

Remember that this site has now been exposing these men for almost three years now
and there has been NO REPENTANCE from these men whatsoever despite MANY
believers (read them yourself on this site) confronting them.
They all offer excuses and point the finger back at their rebuker usually
falling back to the often misapplied Scripture "not to judge," or that
one ought to "encourage" and be "loving" despite their obvious evil!

Since when is it hateful to tell the truth, rebuke sinners and warn the innocent?
Remember how our Messiah dealt with those profiteering in His Father's House...
He didn't just chase them out, He took the time to fashion a whip to beat
them out for their wickedness! That is love for the Father and righteous
indignation for those making merchandise off His people...

We ask that after you have examined the facts, to direct as many believers as
you can to this site to expose this group of greedy profiteers.
If you have had any experience dealing with ISR that needs to be
added to this page, then please contact us.

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