This site has not been created as an overnight sensation... It is the culmination of
many years of trying to bring repentance to a number of ministries that continue to
deal contrary to Torah, despite repeated warnings in accordance with Scripture.
There are a large number of ministries and website ministries that are involved in the
collective witness to expose wrongdoers in accordance with Scripture:
"One witness does not rise up against a man concerning any crookedness or any sin that he commits.
At the mouth of two witnesses or at the mouth of three witnesses a matter is established
Debarim 19:15

We are believers in YHWH and His Son Yahushua the Messiah. We love and
obey His Torah and Commands and have done so for between 7 to 25 years.
We are from all walks of life, from homeless to lawyers.

"When I say to the wicked, 'You shall certainly die,' and you have not warned him,
nor spoken to warn the wicked from his 
wicked way, to save his hai, that same
wicked man shall die in his wickedness, and his blood I require at your hand."
Ezekiel 3:18


We all feel the need to make it known that we stand on the side
 of YHWH and His truth. Here is a partial list of those who stand against
wickedness in the Assembly of the Body of Messiah:
Bob & Susan Field NZ/Aust/USA (travel full time)
Graham Field USA
J & O Kirk USA
A & K Luke UK
T & S Kelly USA
G & E Kidd Sth Africa
R & E Wagner Europe
J & L Oxford UK
Y & I Ebner Israel
C & M Schneider UK
Ashford Family Australia
G & A Lang USA
A & D Jacobs USA
Johnstone Family South Africa
E & L Peeters Europe
A & L Mills UK
L & J McDonald Australia
Barrow Family New Zealand
J & Z McDonald Australia
C & C Nelson New Zealand
B & T Claes Europe
Sl & S Peeters Israel
D & A McPherson Europe
J & N Norman USA
Y & S Mayer Europe
M & E Lovejoy USA
O & G Lyons USA
Allen Family Canada/Australia/NZ (travel fulltime)
R & R Millar USA
K & A Bolton USA
E & L Flannigan UK
B & C Cutts USA
H & P Deep USA
D & R May USA
J & C Celements USA
M & B Clements USA
B & S Harte USA
A & A Farmer Africa
J & L Jackson USA
Bell Family Australia
S & P Ingels USA
F & A Burt USA
I & V Burt USA
B & L Golden Uk
E & L Briggs UK
J & S Joyce Europe
R & K Joyce Europe
J & S Brown USA
J & A Beckett USA
M & B Andrews USA
R & G Andrews USA
Curry Family USA
T & J Long USA
Y & I Boyd USA
O. Patterson UK
S. Brookes USA
H & O Price USA
P & Y Ball USA
K & Y Walsh Europe
D & D Johns Asia
V & T Ramsey USA
S & R Brown UK
P & L Mullins USA
W & P Palmer USA
S. Baker Australia
B & W Curry USA
U. Sharpe USA
M & B Brooks USA
F & T Ball USA
C & E Perry USA
H. Davey USA
T. Brown USA
R & S Ross USA
U & G Daniels USA
J. Perry Sth Africa
A & J Benson USA
B. Anderson USA
N & P Griffins USA
C. Gray USA
I & P Mann USA
F & R Kelly Europe
S. Mack Australia
G & G Henderson UK
B & F Grey Australia
K & Y Jackson UK
M & T Bryant USA
R & D Framer USA
T & R Robins USA
B & I Tate USA
L & S James UK
I & Q Alex USA
M. Santos NM USA
G & F Hobbs USA
H. Russell USA
B & T Glover USA
C & I Hayes-Smith UK
D & E Ingram USA
B & T Skipper USA
G. Butler USA
C & R Reese  Europe
O & G Barnes USA
H & U Lee China
J & H Townsend USA
B & V Alexandra USA
V & S Bennett USA
Y & F Potter USA
T. King New Zealand
P & T Myers USA
L. Wallace Australia
M. Lopez Mexico
U. Rowe USA
B. Woods USA
K & E Marshall USA
J & W Hampton UK
B & F Hill UK
R & E Freeman USA
V. Becker USA
H & S Tucker USA
A & O Carter USA
B & C Connor USA
K & I Hunter New Zealand
N & C Henry USA
R. Norman Australia
A & H Rogers USA
B & P Kennedy USA
C & T Hammond USA
P. Shaw USA
S. Cooke UK
P & T Holmes USA
Y. Quinn UK
V. Rice USA
D & E Morgan USA
H & R Daniels  USA
B & R Cobb USA
I & F Barker USA
E. Dunn UK
B & Y Willis USA
M & I Ray UK
L & E Stokes Asia
N & C Olson USA
T. Snyder USA
R & P Stephens USA
O & G Wise USA
L. Hudson UK
C & P Duncan USA
E & T Gill USA
A & H Payne UK
E & W Lane USA
M & S Wagner USA
I. Greer USA
Q. Riley USA
M & Y Weaver USA
C. Fox USA
S & T Green USA
B & K Hart USA
G. Simon USA
K & A Simms USA
W. Cunningham USA
M. Elliott Australia
L. Peters USA
H & I Simon UK
F. Lawson UK
M. Oliver USA
H & V Carr Australia
A. Pratt USA
P. Ryan USA
B & P Williams USA
D. Banks New Zealand
T & O Burrows USA
R. Morgan Australia
B. Bishop Sth Africa
H & M McCoy USA
Y. French Europe
N & P Copeland UK
N & T Morrison USA
P. Jacobs USA
T & S Burton USA
C. Pittman USA
R. Fuller UK
L & F Reed USA
G. Kim Asia
R & F Roy USA
S & R Brewer USA
I. Dean USA
K & P Fraser USA
H & P Silva USA
B & P Flemming USA
D & E Holland USA
J & P Barnett USA
K & E Jenson USA
E & P Curtis USA
D. O'Brien UK
J. Horton USA
D & T Shelton USA
L & A Craig USA
W & M Sutton USA
D & D Lucas USA
O & E Holt USA
V & W Fletcher USA
M & F Watts USA
D & P Love USA
S & B Beck  USA
T. Santigo USA

There are more to be added to this list. If you want to stand up and expose what is wicked fill out the Update me form.
We all need to come together and expose what is evil and what upsets YHWH and His Son.



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