"White, Wolfaardt and Trimm will not repent. We cannot call them brothers and we must stop feeding their lives.
We must give our funds to those that do not profit off Yahweh. We must stop giving them funds for personal gain
 as we have been warned in His Word. Rev 22:15 But outside are the dogs and those who enchant with drugs, and
those who whore, and the murderers, and the idolaters, and all who love and do falsehood – these men practice
falsehood and lie about it. 1John 2:6 The one who says he stays in Him ought himself also to walk, even as He walked.
 Did Yahushua ask for money? Did Yahushua break Torah for the sake of the Father? Did Yahushua rob and lie to
 His people. And yes I have visited Lew and talked countless hours with him as have others.
Warn the brethren and sound the rams horn there are wolves among the flock."
Richard P.

"The saddest thing is that it has taken believers over 20 years to expose this charlatan and his wicked ways.
The Father has called His people to expose wicked men of their wickedness or we will all have blood on our
hands. So many believers do not want to upset anyone and want to hide things - WAKE UP... 
As there is blood on your hands and you will be judged by Yahuwah and his judgment will be everlasting.
We must expose those that continue to live in sin. LEW WHITE HAS BEEN CONFRONTED BY HUNDREDS
 OF PEOPLE AND HE KNOWS IT... Stop feeling sorry for this false prophet."

 E. Barris, USA

"STOP saying Lew White saved me. Lew did not save you. This is a lie. No man saves anyone. Yahweh saves and
He is the only one that saves. Lew White admits he was taught by Jesuits and if you look into the "Jesuit order you
will see that they never leave and they do a blood oath for life.  No one that is walking in truth could do the evil
that Lew has. He has done more damage than good. Yes I have visited his shop over ten years ago and then again
 not long ago and nothing has changed."
 Bro. Pete, USA.
(Note: This brother makes an interesting point that Lew is Jesuit taught and admits this which
is also confirmed in his profile on wikipedia.com. We found the link disturbing in that James Trimm
who leaped to Lew's defense despite never being in the store also possesses a degree (of sorts) from
a Catholic Seminary (albeit now defunct)

"After much research we have found out that Lew and Phyllis White of Fossilized Customs and Torah Zone do
 in fact have a Shop called "Electric Lady" that sells Marijuana pipes, Hookah's and secular music, and things
of witch craft.
By the state of Kentucky.gov the proof is there. And because of this knowledge we must take down all info of Lew
and Phylis White as we can only serve 1 Eloah!
This has also come to hurt relationships on this site as well. We ask that you all lift this up in prayer, and
continue to research all that you hear and see."


"I just watched all your videos about Lew White. I recently came to the conclusion that Lew is a false
teacher before seeing them. His writings contain some serious errors and speculations. His videos are
full of satanic rock music and clips from evil or disgusting movies. I have watched all his "Torah Talks"
 with Mark Davidson. Mark just sits there with an amazed look of admiration and accepts everything Lew
says with out checking that what he was told is true from the Scriptures as the Bereans did (Acts 17:10,11).
 I have written to Mark a few times pointing out the errors that Lew was telling him to no avail. Both Lew
 and Mark have a love for questionable music. In fact Mark has put to music things Lew has written at
Lew's request. It is true Lew has pointed out pagan practices and that the Torah should be kept but sadly
 it is mixed with erroneous doctrine and according to your research he doesn't keep the Torah himself.
I would appreciate talking with someone from your group."

"Thank you for dealing with this matter. For years Lew White has shamelessly attacked those who have learned.
Even if these attacks were made in ignorance, the vitriolic and hateful manner in which Lew White wrote does not
 speak of the Spirit of Truth. I personally have been slandered by people and I know what is truth and what is not
as pertains to me. The shameful servicing of those given to chemically induced altered states of reality speaks
evil of those who profit from selling to it."


"What Mr. White is doing is totally against Yahweh ! How sad that he isn't a smart enough business man
 or believer to realize he could go bankrupt and put his past where it belongs and trust in Yahweh to help
him survive and make better decisions. May Yahweh forgive him when he's truly repentant and may
Yahweh bless you for exposing him as this should help us all to be very discerning in these last days.
The wolves are among us !"

"Lew White, Wilhelm Wolfaardt and James Trimm are wolves and have deceived His people for a very long time.
 They love money and living a life that is totally against Scripture. They lie and cheat to fill their stomachs with money.
They have profited millions of dollars, All on LIES. They blame others for their evilness so they can continue to do wickedness.
Daniel 5 vs. 27 Wake up Yahweh’s People Wake Up."

D Pollen

"Thank you for being diligent and investigating those things we would not be aware of. I met Lew
 and Phillis a few months ago and had no idea. I also had been recommending their work to others.
Please rush the sites for us that are following Torah and are true to the Word. Blessings."

"It's so sad.. Thank you for warning us of wolves among the sheep.
We need to be aware, and have truth as our shield. Thank you."